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Model: RCRO-1300

Food Smoker - 8 Racks

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  • perfect for smoking fish, meat or vegetables
  • suitable for warm or hot smoking
  • space on 8 shelves and hooks
  • timer up to 120 minutes with alarm function
  • durable and hygienic stainless steel construction


Food Smoker - 8 Racks

Freshly smoked fish is now not only a delicacy that you can enjoy at the harbour and now you can also keep the distinctive flavour of smoked meats and sausages for several weeks.

With the food smoker RCRO-1300, you can now make these delicacies yourself and give your guests a very special taste experience with your smoked delicacies. The food smoker provides plenty of room for your fish and meats - 40 x 34 x 108 cm. The food can be hung by a hook in the oven or placed on one of the eight shelves. These have a minimum distance of 7 cm in height.

At incense cabinet is closed and the firebox is filled with wood chips, which provides the smoke for the smoking process. The firebox can be placed easily in the interior without opening the cabinet. Under the firebox there is a collecting tray for the ashes burned during the smoking process.

The desired temperature can be adjusted by the temperature controller. The temperature range is 0 - 110 °C and therefore equally suitable for warm and hot smoking. The duration of the smoking process can be set with a timer. An alarm will signal you once the pre-set time has elapsed. The maximum time of the timer is 120 minutes. The timer can be reset at any time, if you are not satisfied with the first result.

At the side of the smoker is an easy to read thermometer showing the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This means that you will always keep you informed about the current temperature without opening the cabinet.

Grease, which is produced during smoking, is collected by means of a collecting tray, which protects the firebox and the floor of the smoking cabinet from contamination. In the event of high fat accumulation, the collected grease flows over the spout into a bowl under the collecting tray. It is collected there and can be disposed of more easily.

The food smoker is made of high quality stainless steel. The material is easy to clean and is very robust, so that the smoker permanently retains its shiny surface. This smooth surface characterized by excellent hygienic properties so that the smoker is ideally suited for processing food such as fish and meat.

Included is the incense cabinet, a chimney tube, a collecting tray, a bowl for grease, a container for ash, an embers box, a control unit for temperature with timer as well as 8 shelves.


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When this product first arrived I had great first impressions. However the more you look at this machine the more disappointed you become. On the unit I recieved there was multiple issues; 1. Door was cracked at the weld 2. Temperature gauge inaccurate 3. The chimney is spot welded so leaks 4. The chimney is screwed on top however there's no sleeve between the inside and outside skin so the walls fill with smoke. 5. Where the thermostat enters the chamber should have some sort of grommet, so smoke enters the area with electrics which is a fire hazard. 6. The chimney has holes drilled in base where there shouldn't be 7. The thermostat is inaccurate and cuts off before desired temperature reached. 8. The metal has been very crudely cut around the door leaving a sharp edge. Here are 8 reasons I will be returning the unit. What makes it worse is when you email to complain all you get back is a generic copy and paste email stating I can have it exchanged if I'm not happy.


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