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Whether you’re serving up zesty scoops of lemon sorbet or a crunchy summer salad to pair with piping hot falafel, when it comes to serving up the perfect cool meals and drinks, all chefs are familiar with the importance of keeping fresh food cool before serving. Indoors or out, with stainless steel saladettes, maintaining the right temperature no longer needs to be a battle against the clock (or even the weather!). Saladettes offer the ideal storage solution to keep your chilled foods cold and create a practical workspace, even in a hot kitchen.


Keeping Your Cool

If you’re catering on-the-go, in a bustling bakery, or behind a deli counter, high quality saladettes are the perfect installation to your catering equipment for keeping chilled foods fresh and ready to serve. With an adjustable temperature 0°C -10 °C, our saladettes from Royal Catering are the perfect space solution for keeping chilled foods safely stored, even in hot environments. You can carry on with baking or conjuring over the deep fat fryer without any worries about wilting salad leaves or melting cheese. A practical space-aver, the saladettes is a combination of practical workspace and convenient storage, with adjustable compartments and trays which can be paired with the GN containers of your choice – ideal for keeping drinks and ingredients separate. (GN containers are not included in the delivery but can be easily bought at cheap prices in our cooling equipment and commercial fridges).

The stainless steel cooling system is mounted by a durable hardened plastic chopping board, providing a practical workspace and keeping your fresh ingredients close to hand. The ideal solution for busy kitchens and food stalls, especially when busy hours hit. The saladettes not only help to keep your food at the highest quality of taste, it also helps to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in your kitchen by keeping it perfectly fresh.

So fresh and so clean!

When choosing new culinary or craft supplies, we all want to get a great return on our investment. Like all our industrial equipment, saladettes are designed with energy efficiency in mind. The saladettes have a low energy consumption of about 4,1kWh - 4,5kWh, and with a storage capacity of up to 300L, helping to maximise your production high and manage your energy costs. For smaller kitchens, our cheapest saladette with a capacity of 240L is the ideal space-saver. We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘too many cooks’, but with its illuminated on and off switch and a LED display for function control, operating the saladettes couldn’t be simpler even in the most hectic of kitchens. The machine’s temperature consistency control is fully automatic, and features an automatic defrosting system operating every six hours, making operating the saladettes an almost maintenance-free process. Its stainless steel design makes this cooling system both highly durable and easy to clean. Combined with our vegetable choppers and fruit cutters, it’s the ultimate addition to any smoothie or salad counter.

Cooking isn’t always about illusion: sometimes it’s great to break the fourth wall and show off your fresh and colourful ingredient. For these kitchens, our display fridges may have the answer for you. For colourful deli counters, our countertop fridges are a practical cooling table attachment to display fresh ingredients. And for the fast paced pizzeria, our pizza cooling tables will have your hungry customers ogling over extra toppings. Of course, temperature control works two ways! If you’re also striving to keep your hot food, fragrant and steaming when it reaches the table, please view our full range of heating equipment. With any luck, your guests will be pining for a perfectly moulded pannacotta for dessert!Serving food at the ideal temperature can truly make or break a dish. Whether you’re tossing salads, blending smoothies, scooping ice-cream or topping a freshly-baked pizza, quality saladettes can help you and you team to keep your cool at all times.