Pizza Cooling Tables

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Stainless-steel pizza cooling tables that combine refrigeration and workspace

• Ample storage space and load capacity • High quality stainless steel • Broad, stable work surface • Space-saving design • Stay organised with separate compartments • GN containers and display glass on some units

And don’t be fooled by the name – our multipurpose pizza cooling tables are not just for pizzerias. Of course, if you are operating a pizza parlour or Italian restaurant, our pizza cooling tables offer you ample space to knead and press your pizza dough, and to prep your fresh pizza toppings directly from the fridge. But the Royal Catering stainless steel pizza cooling tables are also suitable in other food businesses such as cafes, delis, restaurants, butchers and bakeries. Like all of our catering equipment, our cooling tables are designed to be hardwearing and easy to clean. Thanks to their robust stainless-steel design and granite counter-tops, our pizza cooling tables will withstand heavy loads, be resistant to dents and scratches, and allow for quick and easy clean-up time. The three spacious cooling compartments allow you to keep all of your ingredients neatly organised, keeping your most important produce at hand’s reach. You can store and cool food or drink underneath, or on top in easy access ingredient holders. Our expert models are even fitted with space for up to eight GN containers, so you can top up your fresh ingredients as needed, and even display them behind a hygienic, glass attachment. Fitted with an auto-defrosting setting, you can store your ingredients between 0 and 10 degrees C, and monitor settings clearly using the LED display. Like all of our refrigeration equipment, these stainless steel pizza cooling tables are designed to be easy on the environment, thanks to their energy saving design.

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• Wide range of fridges and freezers • Cooling display units • Stainless steel storage • Wall hanging cabinets to save space • Stay organised and hygienic • Suitable for a wide range of industries

At Expondo, we are well aware of the importance of great storage in the kitchen, especially when it comes to temperature control. In our full range of refrigerators, you’ll find plenty more space saving solutions to store and prolong the shelf-life of fresh and frozen produce. Check out our full range of handy drinks fridges, cooling display cabinets, and freezers of various sizes. For storing dry or canned ingredients such as pastas, sauces, spices, and baking supplies, as well as crockery, utensils and cooking gadgets, take a look at our wide selection of stainless steel cupboards. Ideal for all manner of kitchens, large and small, we’ve got large freestanding cupboards, hygienic sink cabinets, and space-saving wall hanging cabinets. These are not only ideal for kitchens and catering businesses. With their adjustable shelves, they can also be used in labs and hospitals to store all manner of industrial supplies, or even in workshops and garages to store professional tools of all sizes. As you might guess, stainless steel is our number one choice when it comes to multipurpose kitchen storage as a reliable, lightweight, and hardwearing material. All of our cabinet and cupboard units come with the essential installations materials included. So wherever you work, check out our long-lasting range, today.