Drain Cleaning Machine

Whether you’re working indoors or out, clearing drains, pipes and other plumbing systems requires a sturdy, efficient and powerful tool. Better yet, a tool that can be adapted to suit the task at hand. In our drain cleaning machine selection from the experts at MSW, you’ll find just that. With a range of models to suit both professionals and home-users, and a wide selection of draining accessories sold separately, you’ll be saying goodbye to blocked drains in no time.

Discover our drain cleaning machine range for both indoor and outdoor tasks

The Expondo drain cleaning machine range features basic models for home-users, expert models for professional plumbers, and even great versatile options for professionals working in cleaning and maintenance. For home-users or professionals looking for a compact model for lighter draining tasks, we have our basic, most affordable drain cleaning machine. Light and compact, the MSW-DRAIN CLEAN 2.3E drain cleaning machine is particularly suitable for mobile use, especially useful for call-outs or for working in hard-to-access areas. The 16mm pipe cleaning coil is connected to the machine, and, powered with the 390W electric motor, turns clockwise or counter-clockwise to remove the offending blockage. With a comfortable lever, the machine is safe and intuitive to operate. Simply insert and feed the coil into the blocked drain, and adjust power as needed, using the three-stage switch. For professionals looking for an expert drain cleaning machine, look no further than the MSW-POWER DRAIN CLEAN 4.6, designed to tackle even the most stubborn contamination with its powerful 110W engine. This expert model is designed for use with all manner of drains, house-hold plumbing systems and sewers, including large pipes with a diameter of up to 200mm. The spiral coil reaches an impressive 18.6m which can be easily recoiled and packed away. The entire device is mounted on a wheeled basket for compact storage and easy transport.

Each drain cleaning machine is designed to be robust, long-lasting and effective against corrosion and damage, built with durable, weather-resistant materials. Even the flexible spiral coils are resistant against breakage and bending. For added versatility, each drain cleaning machine can be adjusted to suit the task at hand, using a selection of general cutters and augers found in our craft supplies range. Choose from funnel augers for retrieving offending materials, blade-cutters for tackling stubborn residue, and many more. Not only do our accessories help to make your drain cleaning machine more versatile and efficient, they also offer a more environmentally friendly and safer way of working, by negating the need to use harsh and pollutive chemicals. For each adaptable fixture, you can choose between a 16, 22 or 32mm fitting. Investing in a powerful and efficient drain cleaning machine is a great decision for your plumbing or maintenance business. But having a selection of dependable manual tools on hand is always a good idea. With our manual draining pump, you can use manual suction power to quick clear minor blockages and resume water-flow. Our manual drain cleaner range also features a selection of plumbing snakes tackling minor blockages by hand. Select your choice of hand-held plumbing snake device, in either 90 or 160cm in size. These handy manual devices are ideal for tackling heavily clogged toilets and drainpipes, as well as other pipe systems, such as sinks and bathtubs. The cleaning force is controlled intuitively using the manual crank. Another important staple in any plumber’s toolbox is a reliable plumbing snake cable; ours come in various lengths of up to 18.6m. These malleable snake cables make tackling hard-to-reach-areas easy, even in compact drains. Whether it’s our of range catering supplies or our industrial equipment, remember, we feature products for every level of skill and task.