Item: EX10062107


Model: MSW-DCM-02

Plumbing Snake - 390 W - 400 rpm - Ø 20 - 100 mm

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  • Powerful – 390 W powerful motor with 400rpm
  • Effective – 8 pipe cleaning spirals with a total length of 18.4 m and 16 mm diameter
  • Compatible – for pipes with a diameter of 20 - 100 mm
  • Accessories – 8 different drills, adapter magazine for 8 mm spirals and gloves
  • Mobile – handy handle and stable feet


Clean out pipes with the plumbing snake from MSW

To prevent accidents from occurring, clean pipes regularly and effectively remove contamination with the drain cleaning machine from MSW! Even for stubborn layers, the device offers optimal performance values with which you can quickly restore the flow of your pipes. Use the special drills for different blockages, which you can replace at the end of the spiral in a few easy steps.

Powerful & flexible! The pipe cleaning device with 8 drills

For a powerful clean in the dirty pipes, use the powerful 390 W motor, which moves the spiral in the pipe at 400 rpm. The spiral is set in motion and stopped again with the help of a clutch. This way you always keep control of the cleaning process with the drain auger. Assemble the drain auger from a total of 8 sections up to a length of 18.4 m. If necessary, use fewer spiral elements to react individually to the situation in the pipes with the pipe cleaning machine. Depending on the contamination, choose from 8 drills that move optimally within the pipe.

The spiral and drills have a diameter of 16 mm. Use the cleaning tool to remove dirt from pipes with a diameter of 20 - 100 mm. The material of the spirals is optimally designed for working in wet environments. It is highly flexible and durable. An adapter magazine is available for spirals with 8 mm diameter (not included in delivery).

8 drills are available for targeted cleaning. Use the straight drill to explore the pipe and discover blockages. Use the funnel borer for stubborn dirt. For greases and liquid substances, the leaf drill is at your disposal. Use the saw-tooth cutting head to shred and remove roots or branches. If stubborn deposits need to be removed, then attach the fork cutting head to the end of the spiral. Use the retrieval drill to pull broken drills out of the pipe. The club borer removes blockages over a large area in narrow pipe bends. Use the cross-blade drill head to remove chemicals or hardened materials.

Use the handle to comfortably bring the unit to its place of use and safely place it on its legs. In addition, you will find a holder with a diameter of 46 cm where you can store the spirals. This gives you great freedom of movement to achieve an optimal position for your work on sewer systems or drains.


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