Manual Drain Cleaner

Whether you’re a professional working in plumbing, repairs, or the custodial industries, or you’re investing for your home or business, a manual drain cleaner is an effective and versatile way to manage blocked drains in an environmental and cost-friendly way. Our selection from the plumbing experts at MSW can be used on sinks, toilets, showers and other draining systems, to tackle mild and stubborn blockages. Use these intuitive manual tools to quickly excavate blockages that could otherwise lead to costly repairs.

A problem unblocked is a problem solved!

Each manual drain cleaner featured in the Expondo range is designed to be powerful, lightweight and easy-to-manoeuvre, making it a great solution not only for plumbing professionals, but for home and business-owners too. Any hospitality professional understands the potential embarrassment of an overflowing toilet in a hotel bathroom. The damage doesn’t simply end there – a heavy flooding can lead to damaged flooring, carpet replacements, and of course, upset customers. Keep a manual drain cleaner at hand from our craft supplies range, to tackle the problem swiftly and prevent further drama. Choose between three models, depending on your desired length. Our basic manual plumbing snake has a robust cleaning coil of 90cm in length (alternative size is 165cm). The malleable steal spring is inserted into the drain and manoeuvred by the easy-grip crank which creates a powerful cleaning force to reach and remove the offending blockage. Each manual drain cleaner is remarkably flexible, enabling you to navigate even sharp bending drains, without risking breakage to the coil. While the coil is tough on blockages, the end is designed to protect the ceramic of your toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs from any further damage. Better still, water-flow is resumed without the need for harsh chemicals, which can be known to cause further erosion. For a truly powerful clean, try our toughest manual drain cleaner, particularly suited to heavily clogged toilets and drainpipes, as well as sinks and bathtubs. It features an impressive steel coil of 7.6m in length and a practical locking mechanism which allows the spiral head to be rotated with great force. Each manual drain cleaner is suitable for both right and left handed users.

Tackle hard-to-reach blockages with a manual drain cleaner

Another effective and intuitive manual tool is a manual drain pump, so lightweight and easy to use, it can find a home in any cleaning supply-cupboard. Excellent for toilets, sinks and showers, the ingenious device uses the power of water-suction to remove the offending blockage and resume water-flow instantly. The two-step process begins by pulling the upper handle of the pump so that the pipe is filled with water. It is then pushed in the opposite direction, resulting in high water-pressure which forces the blockage to give way. Both models of manual drain pump can be quickly adapted to suit the task at hand using the rubber adapters (included). We’ve now seen that manual tools can be a great solution for unblocking drains, whether you are an expert or not. But for professionals dealing with blocked sewers, outdoor drains and extensive piping systems, our offers of drain cleaning machines are the next level up. With models reaching up to 18.6m in length, you can tackle awkward and extensive blockages from a safe distance. The powerful machines create an impressive cleaning force with engines reaching up to 1100W (depending on the chosen device), and a wide variety of plumbing snake cables, augers and cutters which can be adjusted to suit the task at hand. If you’re a professional in the plumbing industry, consider one of these hardwearing, versatile and easy-to-transport machines. For other business owners, don’t forget to check out our range of diverse catering equipment and our cost-effective industrial equipment to keep your workspace and your workforce up to scratch.