Combi Steamer

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If you’re looking for versatile cooking power for your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. From roast poultry, baked breads, and grilled veggies, most strong menus make use of multiple cooking styles. Ovens, steamers, grills and more – all this catering equipment can take up tonnes of space in your kitchen. With a Bartscher combi steamer, you get all this cooking power and more in one powerful device. Make the most of your kitchen space and save time by simultaneously preparing several dish elements at once.

Versatile cooking power with a Bartscher combi steamer

• Multiple cooking functions • Braise, steam, roast, grill • Made by Bartscher • Stainless steel • Several sizes to choose from • Easy to clean

A combi steamer is suitable for all manner of cooking environments from restaurants to home kitchens. They are especially useful for busy kitchens with a large turnover and big menu selection, so if you’re operating a cafeteria, catering department, or hotel kitchen, this could be a great investment for your team. It’s also great for kitchens and bakeries who produce their own bread on site. The combi steamer’s biggest claim to fame is its versatility – it can be used for baking, roasting, grilling, steaming, braising, blanching, and poaching, and you can even operate certain functions at the same time. You can fix the braising setting to prepare meats, bread or fish, while steaming vegetables at the same time. Think of all the workspace you’ll be saving! Our combi steamers are made by the catering experts at Bartscher, who are trusted around the world for making long-lasting commercial cookware at an affordable cost to your business. Our combi steamers are crafted with sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel, giving them an elegant exterior and easy-to-clean surfaces both inside and out. Bartscher combi steamers are easy to install on any flat surfaces and come in a range of sizes depending on your kitchen’s needs. With an LED indicator fitted on each device, you can monitor the core temperature to ensure accurate and safe cooking. On top of this, the adjustable fan speed gives you great heat dispersion and ultimate control over temperature.

Everything you need for your kitchen

• Set your kitchen up with professional tools • Commercial scales for deliveries and ingredients • Versatile storage space • Efficient refrigeration • High powered food processors • Egg boilers for hotel buffets

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