Electric Griddle - 72.5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2.2 kW

item number: EX10010251 / Model: RCEG-75

Electric Griddle - 72.5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2.2 kW

  • item number: EX10010251
  • Model: RCEG-75
  • In the product range since: 2008

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Electric Griddle - 72.5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2.2 kW


  • Perfectly suited for a variety of dishes, for restaurants, snack bars, vending carts
  • Perfectly cooked grilled dishes, fully automated control of the thermostat
  • Evenly heated with infrared heating element
  • Excess grease is removed through the special drain device
  • Easy to clean, removable drip tray for fat/oils


Electric Griddle - 72,5 cm - smooth - 2 x 2,2 kW

With the electric griddle RCEG-75 from the catering supplies by Royal Catering you can pamper your guests with delicious and savoury grilled dishes all year round. Be it meat, fish, omelette, tortillas or vegetables - everything is possible with the electric griddle RCEG-75. The grill has a low smoke emission and is very hygienic and clean. The gastronomical grill is perfectly suited for usage in industrial kitchens, restaurants, snack bars or even vending carts.

Crisp and delicious grilled dishes - easy to prepare!


The electric griddle RCEG-75 works with infrared heat which is transported through special heating elements evenly and without contact. The infrared heating element ensures perfect results. The thermostat is fully automatic, and the desired temperature range can be precisely adjusted and maintained for a flawlessly grilled dish.


The high-powered electric griddle has a smooth 72.5 cm-wide and 1.2 cm-thick grilling plate made of a special steel which rapidly conducts and retains heat. The left and the right side operate independently of each other. Each side is powered by 2200 W and has its own thermostat and temperature regulator. You can use one side for grilling and the other for keeping the food warm.


The electric griddle RCEG-75 has a robust and high-quality design. The housing is made of durable stainless steel. Thanks to the smooth surface of the steel grilling plate, you can also use the griddle to prepare eggs, sausages or pancakes. The grilling plate has a splash guard and protects the wall and surroundings from grease splatters.


The electric griddle from Royal Catering has a practical drip tray where drained liquids are collected and can be easily removed after grilling. The special drain device leads the frying fat directly into the intended container. The container is removable and ensures easy and quick cleaning.


The compact stainless-steel construction measuring 53 x 73 x 24 cm stands out for its durability and robustness. The Royal Catering electric griddle has four non-slip rubber feet which provide steady footing during operation. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the electric griddle RCEG-75 can easily be stowed away or integrated into other workspaces.

Item number
230 V
2 x 2,200 W
Operating temperature
50 - 300 °C
Power connections
Material, housing
Stainless steel
Material, grill
Removable drip tray
Drain device
Dimensions, grill
72,5 x 40 x 1,2 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)
53 x 73 x 24 cm
34,7 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
86 x 65,5 x 37 cm
Shipping weight
40,1 kg

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expert review

Review by Michał Orłowski, expondo expert (27.11.2018)

A good grill is the basis for good grilling

A good grill is the basis for many restaurants. The quality of the dishes depends on the quality of the grill as well as the speed with which they are served. With a power output of 3000W, this grill is a really efficient machine. The carbon steel cooktop heats up very quickly and maintains the temperature throughout the surface, resulting in very even results. In addition, the smooth plate makes this grill very versatile to use. You can not only successfully fry meat and vegetables, but also fish. In addition, the stainless steel is very easy to clean and looks great. Very easy to use and reliable. I've had the opportunity to work with it a little bit and I was always very happy.

Can pots and pans be heated on the griddle?

Heating and warming dishes in pots or pans is no problem, thanks to the power of the grilling plate.

Is the grilling plate removable?

The grilling plate is built-in and not removable.

  • Electric griddle RCEG-75
  • Drain device
  • 4 feet
  • Instruction manual