Commercial food warmer display

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When you see tasty, piping-hot food on display, ready to eat and freshly prepared, your mouth can’t help but water. That’s why a professional hot food display is a perfect way to boost sales and tempt guests into your restaurant or café! Our catalogue of hot food displays are produced by trusted manufacturer Royal Catering for the best possible quality – and with adjustable temperature controls, sleek-looking design and good prices, they’ll keep the food looking its best!

Heated display units for customers who eat with their eyes...

Freshly-baked pies, hearty hotpots, indulgent desserts ... there are so many tasty meals that are well suited for display in a heated display counter. These hot food displays each have a fully heated interior and easy-clean glass front so that the food stays toasty and your customers can feast their eyes before they buy. A hot food display counter is a must-have for any cafeteria, bakeries, restaurant, snack bar, diner or deli. The small hot display counter are perfect for more casual or event-based mobile catering such as food trucks, conference center buffets or even a market street food stall!

Keep your food warm and delicious with heated display counter

Some may worry that keeping hot food warm over longer periods of time might dry it out – this is not a problem with these hot food displays, however, as they humidity features a hidden water tray which helps humidify the air inside the unit, meaning that the food stays juicy and tender no matter how long it is being heated for. Combined with a professional warming tray, a hot food display is the ideal solution for serving hot, fresh food to your customers without having to prepare everything to order with easy access to it. This means that you can deal with large volumes of customers while minimising stress and mess! Whether you’re selling hot paninis, pizza, fresh pastries or full cooked meals, your guests will appreciate being able to see what they’re ordering – and the sight of all that delicious grub will get their stomachs grumbling! The clean an modern design makes these appliances well-suited for any establishment, from school canteens to upscale hotels.

Let your menu speak for itself in a hot food display

Like all our professional tools and industrial equipment, our extensive range of hot food displays features top-range engineering and manufacture for a product that is tough, reliable and practical. The powerful heating system in each model offers a wide temperature range from 0 to 90˚C, depending on the model, and the power ranges from 850 to 2200 Watts, for consistent and high-powered heat with different options to serve heated foods. The adjustable grids in each hot food display mean that you can arrange the shelves in the cabinet to best show off all your tastiest specialities, and everything is specially designed to be easy to use and easy to clean, making your life much simpler!

Unquestionably needed restaurant and bar supplies

The design of these hot food displays goes perfectly with our display fridge for your full menu of food items, while we also offer a wide variety of other commercial food warmers such as bain marie, soup pots and much more, for a complete collection of catering equipment. With so many options to choose from, including specialist heating devices such as isothermal containers, wine cooler fridges, food displays with lit interiors for a more appealing look, and even high-end catering mini refrigerator and fridges for ingredients and chilled dishes, you’ll find everything you need in our catalogue – whether you want to feel the heat or simply chill out!