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Model: PHY- UC_02

Ultrasonic cleaner - 1.2 l - 70 W - Timer - Degas

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  • thorough - ultrasonic transducer with 70 W and an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz effectively dissolves impurities
  • Compact - removable cleaning container with a capacity of 1.2 l on a secure base.
  • precise - cleaning time is set via a timer in five stages, Degas increases water quality
  • Easy to clean - stainless steel (304) container and plastic housing for quick cleaning
  • Clearly arranged - all values are easily set on the touch control panel with LED display
  • versatile - cleans jewellery, gemstones, dentures, laboratory tools, metal parts, coins or glasses


Shiny clean with the ultrasonic cleaner from physa

You want to clean jewellery, precious stones, coins or glasses thoroughly but gently at the same time? Or equipment from your beauty salon? Then use the power of cavitation with the ultrasonic cleaner from physa! The compact device is ideal for smaller objects and uses a proven cleaning process that is also used in laboratories or in industry for highly sensitive instruments, delicate tools or individual mechanical or electronic parts. But ultrasonic cleaners are also increasingly at home in private households.

The ultrasonic cleaner has cleansing vibrations

With an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz, you loosen impurities from surfaces just as effectively as from small recesses. The ultrasound generates cavitation, in which small bubbles on the surfaces have a cleaning effect. With the Degas function, you free the cleaning liquid from bound gases that limit the cleaning effect of the ultrasound. To clean the items, simply place them in a basket, which you place in the container with internal dimensions of 17 x 13 x 6.5 cm. For convenient handling, remove the container from the sturdy base and carry it with two handles.... Select a time up to 8 min on the timer depending on the type and depth of soiling. So the treatment for a cleaning does not take long.

The compact ultrasonic cleaning device finds its place in every jeweller's, beauty salon or watchmaker's shop. The smooth surfaces of the stainless steel container and the plastic housing are easy to clean. This way, the ultrasonic cleaner leaves just as clean an impression - as the cleaned objects. Offer your customers a service they will be happy to accept!