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Ultrasonic cleaner - 28 litres - 480 W - Basic Eco

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  • Thorough cleaning through ultrasonic transducers with 480 W and 40 kHz
  • Continually adjustable temperature up to 80 °C
  • Particularly durable and energy efficient design
  • Exact timer between 0 and 60 minutes or continuous operation
  • Hygenic through easy to clean stainless steel and drainage tap


Ultrasonic cleaner - 28 litres - 480 W - Basic Eco

The cost-efficient PROCLEAN 28.0M ECO ultrasonic cleaner from Ulsonix is not only used for professional cleaning, medical practices, clinics and laboratories, but also for tattoo studios, jewellers, watch makers and opticians. It impresses in particular, where dirt from highly sensitive components, delicate tools as well as mechanical or electronic parts needs to be removed. You can even use the energy saving ultrasonic cleaner at home, with 28 litres of capacity to clean jewellery, gemstones, coins or glasses.

Ultrasonic cleaning is particularly careful, as even surfaces of high quality will not be damaged as a result. Unwanted dirt and contamination is removed through frictionless ultrasound, water as well as cleaning liquid. Repeated clinging of dirty particles and areas as well as further damage are ruled out with this method.

Areas and parts for cleaning are even cleansed of smallest contamination and stains. Six sounder systems with 480 W of power produce ultrasonic frequencies of 40 kHz, even cleaning once hard to access areas effectively and carefully - even places, where dirt and contaminents are not recognisable by the human eye.

The Eco-Series ultrasonic cleaner stands out through a particularly energy saving design. Reduced energy use as well as particularly durable components allows you to be able to use the cleaner not only cost effectively, but also for a very long time.

Cleaning duration is adjustable, which can be continually set between 0 and 60 minutes. With the continuous operation option, you can even clean particularly dirty and contaminated pieces as well as large amounts. The cleaning machine contains a heating power of 500 W and can be regulated up to 80 °C for a precisely set cleaning process.

The PROCLEAN 28.0M ECO consists of a compact 28 litre container, a basket and a lid, made from stainless steel. Due to high quality material, the cleaner is not only stable, but also easy to clean. With the help of a drainage tap, cleaning liquid is disposed of quickly and comfortably. You will find it is a long-term investment, retaining cleanliness and posing no health risk for you, the user.

The ultrasonic cleaner is ergonomically designed for comfortable everyday use. The lid prevents cleaning liquid from dampening. A practical gripping surface and rubber feet give the cleaner mobility, which is also stable on every surface.



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Utilisé principalement à rénover de vieux carburateurs de moto,Faire bien attention à la température, la durée du bain et la concentration de produit nettoyant.