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Model: PROCLEAN 30.0MS

Ultrasonic Cleaner - 30 litres - 600 W

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  • Thorough—10 ultrasonic transducers with 600 W and an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz effectively dissolve contamination
  • Powerful—heating power of 500 W heating the cleaning liquid up to 80 °C
  • Very spacious—large cleaning tank with a capacity of 30 L
  • Robust—low-maintenance stainless steel design with drain tap
  • Precise—cleaning time can be set to between 0 and 60 minutes with a timer


Whether in your workshop or in the lab-the ultrasonic cleaner will leave any object shiny and clean

The ultrasonic cleaner PROCLEAN 30.0MS effectively and gently cleans highly-sensitive instruments, filigree tools and mechanical or electronic components. The professional ultrasonic cleaner is an important component in the equipment of medical practices and laboratories, as well as in jeweller and watchmaker's shops and optician's offices. This ultrasonic cleaner is also suitable for use at home, for whenever you wish to clean your jewellery, precious stones, coins, or glasses.

The extra-large ultrasonic cleaner with timer and drain tap

With its ten 600-watt transducers, the device produces an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz to thoroughly and effectively clean even the more inaccessible corners, including spaces where the human eye cannot detect impurities. You can set the cleaning time between 0 and 60 minutes. The ultrasonic cleaner has a heat output of 500 watts and can be continuously adjusted up to 80 °C for a precisely individualised cleaning process. The timer and temperature can be conveniently adjusted using the large control knobs.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine PROCLEAN 30.0MS includes a 30.0 L stainless steel tank, basket and lid. Thanks to its high-quality materials, the ultrasonic bath is not only stable but also very easy to clean. It is a long-term investment that always remains hygienic and thus harmless for its users.

Designed with everyday convenience in mind, this industrial ultrasonic cleaner is remarkably ergonomic. The lid prevents cleaning liquids from evaporating. Additionally, the practical handles and rubber feet make the device both mobile and stable on any surface. The drain tap makes it easy to drain the fluid from the ultrasonic cleaner in order to easily clean all surfaces of the device.



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