Welding Clothing

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We all know how much fun welding can be and how satisfying it is completing a project you’ve been working on. It doesn’t matter if you’re using MIG, TIG, MAG or any other type of welder; safety is paramount in the workshop. So, when there’s sparks flying, and serious pieces of metal being worked, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper welding clothing to protect you from whatever is coming your way during the job. So, have a look at what we have in store for you!

Maximum protection welding clothing for the workshop

- Heat resistant materials - Suitable for every type of welding - A wide range of products to suit your needs - Protection from mechanical and thermal hazards

Whether you’re a craftsman, an industry professional, or just someone who has a passion for welding; you need the right equipment and gear to get the job done well and safely. So before you start picking out which welding torches from Stamos Germany you want to work with, you need to make sure you also pick up the right welding clothing before you get going. We have a full range of welders as well as plasma cutters and our most popular aluminium welder for the hardcore DIYers out there. We know that you expect a quality product that will be safe to use, and we understand how important it is to offer professional grade welding clothing to keep your hands and face out of harm’s way. Even our cheapest welding helmet is going to keep your peepers and chiseled jawline just the way they were before you started! And our full range of welding gloves will make sure you keep all of your digits intact without sacrificing any to the shop gods. For welding clothing, there’s not too much more to worry about than a comfortable helmet and Kevlar gloves to keep you in good shape. And all of this welding clothing is going to protect you from both mechanical and thermal dangers while working with your welds. There are multiple sizes for gloves and fully adjustable helmets that will make sure you’re comfortable during the work and not thinking about anything other than the sparks flying and temperatures rising from your welding torches. Speaking of which, make sure to add some welding torches for more flexible welding, putting you in control of the task at hand. Your welding clothes should be the last thing on your mind, so make sure you pick up some quality gear that is built to last!

Long lasting quality gear for every welder out there

- Get quality protection so you don’t have to worry - They’re stylish and look great - Great for the garage or the worksite - Essential protection for a variety of jobs

It doesn’t matter how you came across us, whether it was shopping our full range of professional tools or you’re a repeat shopper for our range of catering equipment, you’ve come to expect a certain level of quality and professionalism about the products you purchase. Our welding clothes are no different, and we take your safety seriously. We’ve been dealing with industry professionals who come here for our industrial equipment and end up staying for our range of power tools because they know they’re getting the best available craftsmanship out there. This is what we’re offering and we’re doing it with some seriously stylish and great looking products that were specifically designed to keep you safe while working with some seriously dangerous equipment. But we don’t have to tell you how dangerous your work is, we just need to remind you to keep it safe!