Welding Torches

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Welding is a heavy-duty task, no matter where you work - the garage, the contruction site or the artist’s studio. And for a heavy-duty task, you need tools you can rely on. Our welding torches, are crafted by one of the most trusted names in welding: Stamos Welding from Germany. Known for their excellent standards in safety, comfort and effectiveness, their professional quality welding products are our top choice for both professional and private use.

More options with more safety.

  • Available for every type of welder.
  • Perfect for the professional or the craftsman.
  • Heat resistant and very flexible.
  • Liftarc ignition to ensure a higher level of safety.

These welding torches will find a home in any craftsman’s or industry professional’s welding setup, but are great for private use, as well. Regardless of the type of welding job you’re about to tackle, a high-quality welding torch is an absolute must for welding, while ensuring a level of safety for the user. These flexible welding torches are useable with all types of welders, whether you’re using our MIG/MAG welders for their accuracy, TIG welders for their quality welds, Arc Welders for their portability, or just small jobs around the workshop, garage or garden, these welding torches have what it takes to make it through whatever you throw at them. Made with quality PCV tubing and ceramic nozzle tips, coupled with an ergonomic handle, you can feel safe knowing you’re using a high-quality product that will function correctly with the high levels of heat you’re using. They’ll even stand the heat from our industrial standard plasma cutters. And with multiple options for line length, you’ll be able to work comfortably in any welding environment you find yourself in. Don’t forget to pair these welding torches up with one of our welding helmets. We’ve got a professional grade expert series for the serious jobs, and an easy series for the private use craftsman; both manufactured by the trusted Stamos Welding from Germany. And it’s not just helmets; we have all of your welding accessories from welding carts to foot pedals for your next welding job!

A great addition for the professional, the handyman and handy-woman!

  • Designed for heavy use in any welding environment.
  • Use them around the house for home repair, or on the construction site.
  • Sleek comfortable design that can take a beating.
  • Works with a range of welding equipment.

Here at Expondo, versatility is a big priority. We know that many users will be looking for a welding torch that doesn’t just tackle professional jobs, but also comes in handy for projects and repairs around the house. Whatever your crafting needs, having a durable and ergonomic welding torch is a great addition to every workshop. Our range has you covered for everything from minor car repairs and modifications to fixing pipes. Using our Stamos welding torches during any craft or professional job is going to make sure that you’re protected as best as you can from mechanical and thermal dangers that come with welding. You can rest easy knowing that these torches are safe, comfortable and easily control the flow of gas with integrated controllers, so you’re in control throughout the job. So, before you tackle that next welding job or around the house project, make sure you’ve got the proper equipment and pick-up these comfortable high-quality welding torches. Don’t forget, as well as safe and effective power tools, we also stock a wide selection of ingenious catering supplies and industrial equipment for a wide range of tasks. So, wherever you work, if you’re making upgrades or even opening a new business, remember we’ve got you covered.