Plasma Cutters

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High power, safety, and precision are equally important when cutting metals and other conductive materials. Whether you work in construction, craft, or repairs, cutting and manipulating metals can be a daily task, and must be done accurately. If this sounds like part of your job description, then a plasma cutter is a great investment. In our range of plasma cutting tools, you’ll find devices for all levels of professions, and in many strengths. We trust the experts at Stamos Germany to give you a clean, professional finish, even on metals of up to one inch in thickness!

Powerful plasma cutters for professional results

  • Plasma cutters for every occasion
  • Practical as well as efficient
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Great value for money

Our powerful and versatile plasma cutters are useful across a wide range of industries. For engineers and automobile contractors, they are the ideal choice for working on metal parts for vehicles. Crafts professionals such as sculptors, furniture and garden ornament designers will benefit from the ergonomic and powerful accuracy of our plasma cutters, to make your designs come to life! For plumbers, repairs workers, and welding professionals – on site or in training – our powerful plasma cutters are ideal for cutting through pipes and other metal objects. Safe and easy to use, our cutting devices can even be operated by home-users! No matter where you work, the sturdy and powerful plasma cutters from our range of craft supplies, enable you to precisely cut metallic materials such as aluminium, steel, and more. Choose from a wide range of models depending on the power needed and the materials you work with. Our cheapest plasma cutter allows you to precisely and easily cut almost any electrical metal such as steel, stainless steel, copper, or aluminium. The robust and compact S-CUTTER 50 has a maximum cutting strength of 12 mm, making it ideal for manipulating thin sheets of metal. A light arc takes over the cutting and separating. This arc is started with a high frequency ignition and develops under high electrical voltage between the electrode and base material. To increase intensity and stability, additional pressurised air is added. The current can be quickly and accurately regulated between 10 and 50 amperes, allowing you to adjust your device to the project at hand. Our expert plasma cutter can even cut metals of up to one inch thick making it a powerful choice for automobile and construction professionals. Thanks to its high cutting speeds and “fast start function”, split cuts and quality cuts are no-longer a problem.

Cutting edge when it comes to metalwork

  • Various range of units
  • Precision cutting to suit your needs
  • Various accessories
  • Rely on great quality

Regardless of which unit you choose, each of our plasma cutters offers a high cutting speed allowing you to work efficiently, with each cut given a smooth and clean finish. Compact in size, and built with lightweight, sturdy materials such as powder-coated steel, our plasma cutters are long-lasting and easy to transport – perfect if you operate an on-call repair service! Safety is a huge priority when it comes to the Expondo range, from our range of catering supplies to our wide selection of industrial equipment. Protecting your workforce is the responsibility of every business owner. That’s why our range of plasma cutters feature high-quality ventilation to avoid any risk of overheating. In our wide range of welders, you’ll find other examples of safe and efficient machines to make metalwork safe and easy. Our welding units are lightweight and sturdy, ergonomic to handle, and feature high-quality ventilation systems to meet industry safety standards. We also feature a selection of soldering stations from Stamos Soldering, ideal for a wide range of businesses and home uses such as electrical and instrument repairs, and even circuit-board engineering in labs. Finally, no matter which device you choose, be sure to protect you and your workers with a high-quality welding helmet. These professional safety helmets increase visibility while protecting your eyesight from possible damage. At home or at work, it’s always safety first! Buy a plasma cutter from expondo today!