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Plasma Cutter - 45 A - 230 V - HF ignition

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  • Efficient – modern IGBT inverter and HF ignition
  • Powerful – maximum cutting current of 45 A, 100 % duty cycle at 20 A
  • Clear – control panel with LED display and control dial can even be used with welding gloves
  • Precise – distortion-free separating cuts up to 15 mm material thickness even in meshes thanks to pilot ignition
  • Flexible – switch easily between 2-stroke and 4-stroke operation


Powerful plasma cutter with HF ignition and 45 A.

The plasma cutter S-PLASMA 50-IGBT from Stamos Germany with modern IGBT inverter technology cuts electroconductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, nickel and aluminium precisely and without distortion. The professional device enables you to make cuts up to max. 15 mm deep at a cutting output up to 45 A and is perfect for repair and renovation work in workshops or garages.

Plasma cutter with high operating comfort

The cutting current can be adjusted between 20 and 45 A, and all values are clearly shown on the LED display. With a duty cycle of 100%, 20 A are possible. These performance values are sufficient to cut workpieces up to 15 mm thick. The plasma cutter can cut tool steels as well as stainless steel and other high-alloy steels. Even aluminium, copper and titanium can't resist the powerful plasma arc of the S-PLASMA 50-IGBT.

The plasma cutting machine offers two different working modes so that maximum progress can be achieved with every task. In 2-stroke mode, the torch will run for as long as the power switch is pressed. In 4-stroke mode, a single tap is sufficient to activate the burner and another tap to switch it off.

The plasma cutter from Stamos Germany works with 230 V operating voltage. This makes it the ideal tool for automotive workshops, commercial metalworking companies and industrial production. In addition, it also supports DIY enthusiasts in their demanding renovation and repair projects.

The burner is ignited by high frequency so that grids and grates can also be separated. To prevent oxidation or deformation of the workpiece after a cut, the air supply continues for 10 s afterwards. The air is also cooled by the post-flow of the burner to avoid the risk of damage. The base unit is also equipped with a powerful fan cooling system to prevent overheating.

The compact steel casing protects the technical equipment inside the plasma cutting machine. From the outside, it is protected from environmental influences with a coating. The plasma cutter is easy to transport thanks to the practical handle. With the QR code on the casing, you can call up the operating instructions for the plasma cutter at any time.