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Soldering is one of the most useful and versatile skills one can master, which is why it’s as popular a part of home DIY as it is of commercial industry and vocational training. Whether you’re constructing a circuit board, repairing an electronic device or putting a prototype together, a good soldering station can make a huge difference to the end result. Ensure that you have maximum control and precision with one of these essential craftsman’s tools.

Quality soldering stations for professional and private use

Our range of soldering stations is sourced only from reliable brands such as Stamos Soldering who place great importance on the quality of their products. From the manufacturing materials to the functionality, every aspect has been thought through and carefully engineered to create a high-end, reliable and robust product. Thanks to the exceptional standards of these soldering stations, they are well suited for even the most demanding industrial applications, such as repair workshops, electrical workshops and even cutting-edge circuitboard engineering labs. But the wide range of soldering stations available means there is something for everyone: home soldering projects and vocational training institutions will also be well-equipped with tools from expondo’s catalogue. The compact build and safety-insulated casing ensures optimal practicality and safety during use, even on the most cluttered workbenches in a home toolshed! Each product is designed to last, making sure that you get the best results possible from the first solder throughout, even with heavy daily use. The products in this catalogue of soldering supplies are therefore ideal for commercial operations such as mobile phone repair shops, circuitboard factories or electricians companies. Beginner solderers should also consider investing in a quality soldering station from this range of power tools; the consistent temperature controls and optimal ergonomics make these perfect for people learning the trade.

The right tool for all soldering applications

These soldering stations are equipped with an ESD function which prevents electrostatic discharges, guaranteeing perfect safety while you are operating the soldering iron. The included protective contact plug is another key safety feature. With peace of mind and high precision, these tools facilitate quality soldering results and ensure you meet all regulations in a commercial setting. Like all our industrial tools, soldering equipment from expondo is a wise investment, as they are designed to keep performing long-term. The quick heating times and accurate temperature regulation saves you time and ensures good joins while avoiding scorches or melted components. With quick, easy nozzle exchange and many other accessories available for most models, such as top-quality soldering wick, you can keep your soldering station in top condition without having to replace it. The catalogue includes a variety of different models to suit different needs and budgets, ranging from our most basic 65-watt soldering station up to our professional soldering station with infrared lamp and heated plate for experts and demanding soldering projects. An industry-quality magnifying lamp is an ideal addition, as it helps you to see the intricate details of whichever circuitboard or wire you might be soldering. Expondo is proud to supply repair and construction workshops with the full range of power tools and equipment they might need, also including other metal-joining tools such as welders. And like our entire catalogue of industrial and professional catering equipment, we insist on the best possible quality for our soldering irons and full range of soldering accessories – so you know you’re soldering with the best kit available.