Candy Floss Machine

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Who said candy floss was just for kids? Put the fun back into food-service with this nostalgic funfair treat, perfect for parties, markets and outdoor events. And yes, adults are welcome too! With a professional candy floss machine, you will delight your guests with the spectacle of swirling sugar, the insatiable scent as it dissolves and takes form, and that unbeatable sugary taste that literally melts in your mouth. Bring the carnival to your next event with this classic favourite from our range of funfair equipment.

A Candy Floss Machine, Suitable for Adults!

  • Use these particularly versatile units for various events
  • Great for home and professional use
  • Powerful heating function to allow you to quickly whip up sweet treats
  • Robust and durability is ensured

Candy floss machines are the cherry on top of any fun-filled event. Ideal for school fetes, funfairs, markets, candy shops, birthday parties and even weddings, a candy floss creator caters to children and grown-ups alike. If you’re a party planner, this is the perfect addition to your catering equipment. Our candy floss machine range from the food experts at Royal Catering is packed with ingenious devices for professional, quick production of candy floss, always with a splash of spectacle, even allowing you to produce different colours and flavours as if by magic. For home-users, we even stock a ‘mini’ table-top candy floss makers, great value and ideal for hosting children’s parties and sports days. Our basic candy floss machine from Royal Catering has been especially designed for professional use. The machine features a powerful heating element and automatic temperature control, which works with 1200 W, allowing you to melt and manipulate the sugar with ease and efficiency. Its robust stainless steel frame, painted in vibrant pink, is not only easy to clean but is also very hardwearing, and suitable to use outdoors. Simply pour in your desired sugar, using the measuring spoon included, and rustle up a delicious helping in about one minute. The convenient compartment door allows you to neatly store your sugar between servings. Our most professional and party-friendly candy floss machine features both a wagon and splatter guard, and is particularly suitable for outdoor use. The glass cover provides constant protection from foreign bodies and is thus hygienically safe, and the wagon really puts a spring into your candy floss service. Why wait for the customers to come to you when you can wheel your portable candy floss unit directly to them?

Bring the taste of the funfair to any event

  • Put the fun back into funfair and dazzle your customers
  • Hygienic and keep up with rigorous safety standards
  • Sturdy materials to ensure reliability for long into the future
  • Great devices for your catering need

As well as candy floss machines, in our range of snack bar equipment and market supplies, you’ll find plenty more amazing gadgets for whipping us sweet and savoury treats, and putting on a show in the process. Our range of waffle makers will not only please your guests at breakfast time, but could be the perfect dessert at your next catering event. With non-stick cooking plates made of either cast iron or Teflon-coated metal, our waffle makers are easy to use and to clean compared to old-fashioned waffle irons. And with different models for creating fun shapes, you’ll only have to worry about the range of toppings – strawberries, ice-cream, chocolate sauce – your guests will certainly have to hit the dance floor after that. Our crepe makers are another key to a dessert-lover’s heart. Each of our crepe makers features an authentic broad, cast-iron ring that reaches the high temperatures needed to recreate this continental favourite. We’ve got double and single-ring designs, all encased in high quality stainless steel. Depending on your chosen model, your device will feature a pouring jug and a range of authentic crepe spatulas. At Expondo, we’ve got you covered for parties and events, but we also understand the other needs of your business, behind the scenes. For more examples of devices to make your workspace work for you, check out our range of versatile craft supplies and quality industrial equipment - treat yourself to a sweet time and buy a great candy floss maker today!