Candy Floss Accessories

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Put on a show with our candy floss accessories

It’s not only kids who enjoy the nostalgic taste of freshly whipped cotton candy. In fact a candy floss machine might be just what you need your next event, party, fair or wedding. And if street-food and market stalls are speciality candy floss is a great way to draw in customers with a sweet tooth. Why not consider adding a cotton candy machine complete with candy floss accessories to your mobile catering equipment? With added accessories, our robust candy floss trolley from Royal Catering becomes a mobile spectacle, meeting hungry diners on in streets, fairs, parks, circuses, festivals and beachside promenades.

Catch your customer’s eye!

• Add spectacle to your service

• Perfect for parties

• Vintage style and modern technology

• High quality

• Glass protection

• Fast production

Our candy floss accessories from the catering experts at Royal Catering are just the trick to turn any event into an instant party, and to get your customers’ attention fast! At a bust fair, market or sports event, there are sights, lights and sounds coming from every direction and it’s important to stand out from the competition. For professional and quick production of candy-floss, check out our candy floss accessories, found in our full range of candy floss machines and accessories! First up in our range of candy floss accessories, it’s our LED cotton candy sticks available in packs of 50 or 100. These colourful, light-up sticks are not only entertaining with their seven different colour-mode, but they’re also safe and hygienic, designed with BPA-free plastic and batteries included. Looking to go mobile? Next up in our range of candy floss accessories, it’s our white candy floss trolley made of sturdy lacquered steel and mounted on four inflatable wheels, for an easy glide even on uneven surfaces. Its two wide shelves, gives you plenty of space for storage, so you won’t run out of ingredients on a busy day. In our range of candy floss accessories, you’ll also find glass protectors, to protect your supplies from the elements and from pesky bees and wasps. Best of all, it means you can always take an indoor party outdoors, if the weather is nice! Resilient and shatterproof, our domed shields are made with acrylic glass, giving you hardwearing protection with a great view of your produce.

For real candy floss lovers!

• Candy floss machines

• Full set including 50 LED sticks

• 1,200 watt heating element

• Easy to clean

• Soft serve ice cream machines

• Smoothie makers

Of course, any cotton candy enthusiast should also check out our range of candy floss machines available in different designs and colours. Our candy floss machines give you fast and efficient production time! You only need as little as 30-60 seconds to produce each portion. Each of our cotton candy machines is suitable for use with our candy floss accessories, and you can even create different tastes and colours depending on the sugar chosen. For a real party investment, why not check out our candy floss machines set with 50 LED sticks included? It’s got everything you need to put on a great party service, including a highly efficient heating element, built-in safety features, and plenty of space to spin up to 20 grams of sugar at a time. Did we mention that all of our cotton candy machines and candy floss accessories are also easy to clean? We’ve got plenty more ideas in the Expondo range for serving sweet treats at parties and events, from chocolate fountains to cake displays! For the perfect summertime party treat, check out our milkshake makers, not only great for parties but for diners, fast-food restaurants, bars and more. And for a classic favourite, why not invest in a soft serve ice cream machine? These are available in a wide range of designs depending on your kitchen’s needs and can even work in self-service environments. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth, especially at parties! Don’t forget, there’s plenty more to check out in our range of catering, garage, construction and industrial equipment for your home or business.