Water Grill

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The summer months bring so many great cooking opportunities – seasonal veg, fresh fish, and of course, the chance to cook and dine in the great outdoors. Al fresco cooking needn’t involve fire-logs and marshmallows (although we wouldn’t say no!). With the high powered water grill from the cooking experts at Bartscher, you’ll discover a whole new healthy way to get that great that barbecue taste, indoors or out!


Great outdoor cooking with the Bartscher water grill

• Made by Bartscher • Sturdy and long-lasting • Healthy cooking option • Perfect for outdoor use • Easy to clean • Grill scraper included

In our full range of catering supplies, we’ve got plenty of gadgets to bring out all the flavours of summer from slushy-machines to ice-cream makers. But there’s nothing that says summer more than a good old fashioned barbeque. That said, there’s nothing old fashioned about the new water grill from Bartscher. Made by the experts in long-lasting cookware design, these efficient grill devices are built to serve you, wherever you’re cooking, whether it’s a beach bar, a campsite, a festival food food-stall or even your own back garden. Found in our full range of commercial grills, these high quality water grills can be used by both professionals and home users alike. There’s especially good for whipping up large batches of food and cooking things like steak, burgers and salmon to order. Whether it’s well-done, medium or rare, it’s all in your control. You could even get creative and create your own home-made sausage recipes with our stainless steel sausage maker. You’ll be grilling up your own secret recipes in no time! The Bartscher water grill is a fun way to make food and add a touch of spectacle to any meal. And best of all – it’s healthy! The water grill opens up your restaurant or home to a no-fat cooking method that goes perfectly with healthy summer salads. As our water grills are made by Bartscher using chrome nickel steel, you know that they’re built to last. This is especially important if you’re transporting your water grill from one outdoor event to another. The chrome nickel steel also makes it easy to clean, and all meat juices and residue are caught in the water pan below, you can ensure everything stays clean as possible throughout use. To keep your grill fresh between dishes, your water grill also comes with a cleaning scraper as standard.

The perfect al fresco moment

• Outdoor catering equipment • Patio cleaners • Robust parasols • Catering tents • Mobile catering equipment

If you’re thinking of venturing into al fresco dining, there’s more to think about than just the grill! The wish-list is endless, but let’s look at some of the great supplies we can help you with at Expondo. First up, it’s time to give that patio a good once-over with our high-pressure outdoor washer. Next, you’ll have to think of furniture. That means waterproof tables and chairs, removable cushions, and of course, some outdoor umbrellas to provide shade or shelter in case of a little rain. Our outdoor umbrellas offer spacious shelter under a high quality polyester canopy that protects from rain, sun and even pesky seagulls! It’s also built with a sturdy stainless steel base, so safety is not an issue! If you’re really looking to fight the elements, we’ve also got a range of catering tents ideal for community events, sports days, garden parties and wedding receptions! Of course, if you’re entertaining at a festival, fare, or summer market, there are so many great nostalgic snack you can serve. Check out our full range of mobile catering supplies where you’ll find fun-filled popcorn makers, candyfloss machines, waffle irons and more! Don’t forget, we’ve also got a full range of professional tools to choose from, ideal for home users and experts alike. And of course, there’s also our industrial supply range for schools, labs, and hospitals. Just don’t forget to give yourself a break in the sun after all that hard work!