Dough Roll Machines

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We all know that when it comes to bread, pastries, and other baked treats, Granny’s recipes will always be in our hearts. Luckily, when it comes to a busy kitchen, we’ve learned a thing or two with modern technology on how to make the task a little easier. Our range of dough roll machines from the cooking professionals at Bartscher will help you to whip up your favourite classics with a great rise and texture, in far less time, energy and workspace. Suitable for cafes, bakeries, cafeterias, and more, this is one baking investment you don’t want to miss.


Save time in the kitchen with a dough roll machine

• Energy-saving • Stainless steel • Easy to clean • Robust and long-lasting • High speed production • Adjustable diameter and thickness of dough

Any kitchen that produces its own bread, pizzas, pastries, and quiches needs to know about the Bartscher dough roll machine. Found in our full range in kitchen supplies, this handy dough roll machine allows you to increase production of various cold doughs, while saving you time, space and energy. No more navigating floury surfaces looking for place to put plates and utensils. Leave your workspace clear for other important task with this compact machine. The Bartscher dough roll machine comes in two sizes, allowing for up to either 210g or 700g of dough at a time. That’s a lot of rolls and pizza bases. And you can create other treats with the dough roll machine too. Thanks to its adjustable settings, you can increase or decrease the diameter and thickness of your dough production, giving you the freedom to work with different densities of doughs, for instance for quiches, pastries, sausage rolls, and croissants. The Bartscher dough roll machine is quick and easy to operate and can even be used by non-professional chefs – the perfect gift for the enthusiastic home chef or food blogger in your life! Of course if you’re interested in adding more variety to your sweet-treat menu, you should also check out our delicious dessert options including our five tiered chocolate fountain, our slush machines, and our range of waffle makers in different shapes and sizes!

More ways to serve your guests

• Cookware for any kitchen • Hardwearing • Easy to install • Space-saving • Beverage dispensers • Hygiene supplies

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