Ice Cube Maker

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Without plentiful ice, cocktails are lukewarm, fizzy drinks taste dull, champagne buckets don’t chill... but ice trays are impractical and bags of pre-frozen ice are overpriced. There are a thousand reasons why no bar or restaurant can afford to be without a quality ice maker. These ice cube makers have a high output, making them a perfect partner for a cinema drinks fountain or a crushed-ice machine in a busy cocktail bar. And they’re just as useful in a home kitchen!

Effortlessly cool

Perfectly cold drinks in summer. Ice-filled coolers for frosty beers. Thick, refreshing smoothies. Nutrient-rich juices, fresh from the juice press. Luxurious ice-cold milkshakes. Lip-smacking gazpacho. Perfectly presented oysters. The many uses for ice inside and outside the kitchen are endless. Professional caterers and barmen rely on well-made, reliable ice cube makers to keep their customers happy and their turnover high. While our smaller model is ideal for modestly-sized establishments with limited counter space, or for the average home kitchen, our largest ice cube maker produces up to 19kg of ice per day, making it an invaluable piece of quality catering equipment for any establishment which is serious about refreshment!

The large, cone-shaped cubes produced by this machine make portioning the ice easy and cost-efficient, cooling drinks without melting too fast. The smallest model offers three different ice cube size options, so you can produce just the right type of ice for whatever today’s special might be! With outputs of 12 to 15 ice cubes per hour, depending on the model, you will never have to serve lukewarm drinks or food again. An industry-quality ice cube maker is also essential piece of commercial market equipment, for butchers, fishmongers and other market sellers who keep their wares on display over ice for optimal freshness.

An ice cube maker that works as hard as you do

The sturdy materials and quality production of these ice cube machines guarantees their stellar performance, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on other things while the ice cube maker churns out fresh, frosty cubes. These high-powered appliances (145 Watts for the small ice cube maker, 355 Watts for the large commercial ice machine) are just as robust and reliable as the rest of our range of appliances – even the industrial appliances and also craft tools. Made by quality brand Bartscher, our ice cube machines are relied on by chefs, pub owners, food trucks, snack stands, hotels, cafés and party hosts alike!

If your fridge at home does not include an ice maker, a compact ice cube maker is a cost-effective way to bring that functionality to your kitchen without splashing out on a brand new fridge-freezer – and makes group gathering and hot summers a doddle! We recommend that anyone who purchases a professional milkshake maker also buy an ice maker at the same time to ensure that they will be able to make the thickest, coolest milkshakes even in peak times on hot days. In fact, anyone who is setting up a snack stall or bar will need an ice cube maker as part of their snack bar kitchen equipment; it will save you time, effort and money, since you will not have to buy expensive bagged ice which has been freighted across the country. Make the most of one of your cheapest resources – water – and let your professional ice cube maker chill it, freeze it and dispense it for you, so that you can keep your hands on the cocktail shaker and keep your guests in a good mood!