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Add a MSW wheel weight pliers to your garage range today

Loosening and tightening wheel weights is not just a matter of accuracy. It’s a matter of safety. And you need the right tools in your garage to get the job done. Luckily, the car experts at MSW have designed a multifunctional tool to simplify the task of adjusting wheel weights. Made with high quality steel, the MWS wheel weight pliers allows you to efficiently loosen, tighten and move balance weights on alloy and steel wheels with a hammering function for securing weights and a pliers for dismantling. Find out more about this handy handheld tool below.

Two tools for the price of one!

• Steel-forged and robust steel

• Multifunctional - pliers and hammer

• Compact

• Balanced weight for a better lever force

• Ergonomic rubberised grips

• Protects against shock

Loosening and tightening wheel weights is a matter of multitasking, from hammering the weights on the rim and dismantling or loosening weight. This robust wheel weight pliers from the motor experts at MSW allows you to do it all in one compact tool. With the wheel weight pliers from MSW, you can tighten, loosen, and hammer weights as using it to undermine seized weights or to bend their grips. MSW are our top choice when it comes to garage tools. They understand the value of safety and comfort and have built this into their range. The MSW wheel weight pliers is designed with a comfortable balance to give you effective leverage while you work. Better still, with its rubberized grip and ergonomic shape, you can not only work in comfort but have excellent control over every turn. The rubberised grips on the wheel weight pliers also protect against electric shocks. Low weight, robust, and versatile – it’s a great addition to any garage, farm, construction site or warehouse. Any environment where you rely on smooth-running vehicles to get the job done! Whether in the garage, workshop or construction site, when it comes to heavy duty tasks, we’ve got plenty of manual tools and high-impact power-tools for you to choose from. Choose from hammer drills, sanders, and welders, right down to our vacuum packing machines for storing food, lab substance, and other delicate materials. And in our workshop range, you’ll find plenty to help you get the job done at home or at work. Choose from our horse saw stands, our smooth-running car creepers and our industrial heaters to keep you warm in cold workspaces.

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