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The visual appeal of a car depends to a large extent on the flawlessness of its paintwork. However, over time, scratches, bumps or discoloration may tarnish the paint. With professional paint supplies for cars, you can quickly bring your car paint back to its previous flawless and attractive condition!

Car paint spraying is part of the daily business in automotive workshops. However, amateur mechanics and car enthusiasts also like to carry out the necessary painting work on their vehicles. The various steps can be significantly facilitated and accelerated with professional equipment:

From jacking up individual car parts on special paint stands, to spraying them evenly with professional paint guns, to drying paint with modern paint dryers – in our wide range of painting tools you will find everything you need for painting!

Paint guns – sprayers for powder coating

Powder coating and wet paint are a modern method of touching up and renewing automotive paints. It is important to spray the powder coating precisely and evenly onto the car body. Professional spray guns for powder coating offer the ideal solution for perfect results!

Powder coating consists of finely ground grains that are attracted to metallic surfaces via their electrostatic charge. When the metal is heated, the powder melts and spreads evenly over the surface. Unlike wet coating, you get an optimal coating layer at first try.

Our high-quality paint spray guns guarantee fast and effective application of powder coatings. Their operating pressure is adjustable, have different spray shapes, and ergonomic shape and are easy to use. After drying, our polishing machines ensure radiant paint!

Paint stand – paint stands, masking trolleys and more

Whether in a professional automotive workshop or a private garage – when it comes to painting cars, professional utensils and tools are indispensable. Our range has many painting tools and the perfect equipment for your car paint shop!

Paint stands, for example, hold the various car parts, such as a car door, in an optimum position during painting. Painting carts ensure orderly storage of all painting utensils, such as paint spray guns, powder coating equipment and paints.

There are also steps to be carried out before the painting: Removing rust, filling holes or straightening dents can be just as necessary as dismantling chrome and plastic parts of the trim. With our professional car paint supplies you are well equipped for anything!

IR dryers for fast and accurate drying

If the car has been freshly painted, it may take a few days for the paint to dry completely. With modern infrared paint dryers, this process can be significantly sped up: With their emitters, they can be aimed at large areas for fast and accurate drying of painted surfaces!

In addition, paint dryers with infrared have a decisive advantage over hot air devices: The infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the paint layer and dries it from the outside and the inside. This reduces the drying time to a minimum and prevents bubbles.

Depending on the model, the dryers have a control element including a digital display for precisely setting the temperature and drying time. Due to their lightweight design, the paint dryers are always mobile. Infrared paint dryers are the ideal addition to any car workshop!

Car paint sprayer kits

You don't want to carry out an exhaustive search long for compatible components of paint spraying systems or you want to paint your vehicle for the first time? Then the professional car paint spray kits are the right choice for you! The set has all the equipment and utensils you need for professional car body painting:

From a spray gun with various spray attachments, to a power supply with all connecting cables, to paint containers and a comfortable foot pedal for operation, the modern spray sets for car paints offer the optimal painting equipment for every workshop and garage. Just plug it in, turn it on and go!

In addition, car paint sets can be complemented with professional coating thickness gauges. With these gauges you can quickly and accurately determine the thickness of metals and applied paints. With its high-quality voltage converter, you can connect it to other electrical devices! You can find it garage equipment!