Battery Isolator Switches

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Car Battery switches

If you don't want to use your vehicle battery charger more than is necessary, you should use a battery master switch! Batteries discharge faster than you think, but with a battery disconnect switch, you can get the problem under control easily and effectively. It breaks the circuit in your mobile home or garden shed. No more current flows unnoticed and unintentionally discharges your battery.

The so-called Nato bones, which are also used in military vehicles, are designed for batteries with 12 V DC. Depending on the design, they can also be used for nominal voltages of up to 48 V. Many applications put quite a high load on the circuit, and the battery master switch should be designed accordingly. For example, currents can reach up to 2,500 A for boats, but load switches are usually designed for currents around 300 A.

Plus or minus – Battery Isolator Switch

As a rule, a battery disconnect switch should be installed near the negative terminal to the ground. But as with any rule, there are exceptions. The Nato bone breaks the circuit, which it can theoretically do at any point in the circuit. For this reason, some circuit breakers explicitly state that they should be installed towards the positive pole. When deciding plus or minus, you should always pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions.

Battery master switches can also be used as a safeguard to prevent unauthorized use of a vehicle. You can choose a place that is difficult for strangers to see. The main switch should be protected with a lock. As an anti-theft device, the battery breaker should not be too far from the pole for which the model has been designed.

Camping car battery switches

Electrical devices work with a battery in a camper. In addition to numerous devices that operate on 12 V, power inverter for the car can also be used to provide power for devices that require a 230 V AC power source. But every battery is finite and electricity is an expensive commodity. It is always advisable to use a battery disconnect switch, whether with a 12 V switch with a casing or a toggle switch that interrupts the power line.

Especially during long periods of stillness, the battery of a motorhome can quickly run out and must then be recharged for several hours. If the battery is empty, nothing works – neither the coffee machine nor moving the vehicle to change its location. With a battery master switch, you can prevent discharging during longer periods of standing and still maintain the functionality of your caravan. When camping season is over, battery disconnects protect the battery when campers are parked for the winter.

Battery isolator switch for motorcycles

If you like to ride your motorcycle on weekends, it will often have long downtimes in-between. A mechanic tool set contains battery disconnects as well as jumper cables or chargers. A battery disconnect can also be useful to get the battery through longer periods of downtime. But even in the months when the vehicle stands almost forgotten in the garage, the battery disconnect switch motorcycle protects the battery until next spring.

For longer periods of standing in the open air, whether at the roadside or in a parking lot, the 12 V disconnector can also be used as an immobilizer. The design of such battery disconnectors is very compact and can also be used for quads or other smaller vehicles.

Advantages of battery cutoff switches

Depending on the application, there are different types of battery interrupters. While a battery disconnect switch for motorcycles is usually very simple in its design and the circuit is made by loosening a screw, other battery master switches have rotary or toggle switches that interrupt the current. At expondo, in the automotive tools section, you will find classic tools (e.g. automative paint supplies) as well as common battery disconnect switches for a wide range of applications.

A basic distinction is made between simple disconnectors, which can only be used for very low loads, and load switches, which are designed for high requirements. Another crucial factor is the insulation of the battery main switch. When installing a disconnect switch, pay attention to the battery transfer switch wiring diagram.

Load switches can also be used to switch multiple batteries to different power grids, for example, a primary grid to which the ignition is connected and a second grid for the refrigerator or similar technical equipment. As a rule, the engine should be deactivated when operating a battery master switch, otherwise, this may cause damage to the alternator.