Dent Puller

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A dented car is always disappointing for any car-owner. Working in a garage, it’s important to be able to make quick and easy work of these aesthetic damages so you can send your customers away smiling and leave time for more heavy duty repairs and upgrades. Luckily, the motoring experts at MSW has created a range of professional dent pullers and accessories to help you make quick work of these pesky dents, and even more extensive external damages. These high-powered, easy to operate devices will save you time and give you excellent results in your garage.

Choose an MSW dent puller to repair dents and other external damages

- For pulling dents and bumps - Range of welding settings - Features dinging hammer with hook - Easy to swap attachments - Undercarriage with two shelves - Mounted on four wheels

The MSW dent puller range from our selection of garage tools is suitable across all industries where cars and vehicles need to be on top form. This can range from manufacturers, engineers, and garages, to dealerships, warehouses and tradeshows, as well as the agricultural sector. Our dent puller range can even be used by car enthusiasts in their home garages. The main purpose of a dent puller is to straighten out bumps and dents to the body of the vehicle, but certain accessories can be used for more extensive external damage. Choose from a wide selection of accessories, also found in our professional tools range, for repairing dents and damages, such as hammers, hooks and other attachments which can all be used with our dent puller workbenches. Our dent puller workbenches, available in a range of power levels, offer you precise and careful repair by use of spot welding. Use the discs or dinging stars to weld the bulging area of the dent, and straighten out any excess damage with the dinging hammer fitting. You can also use your dent puller to weld washers, pins, screws and corrugated wire. One example of the MSW range is the Dent Puller with Workbench 4000A. This model makes for safe and easy welding, powered with 400V and with a welding current of up to 4000A. For added flexibility, our dent puller machines offer low, medium and high welding stages. Operating your dent puller workbench is easy using the clear digital touch panel. And for easy transport, your workbench is mounted on four wheels, with storage space below for carrying extra equipment.

More ways to equip your garage with MSW

- Ideal for garages and roadside assistance - Wide range of lifting devices - Max capacity of 1000kg - Easy to store and transport - Ample space while you work - Extremely sturdy and reliable

The Expondo range is packed full of ways to kit out your garage. Better yet, we know that when it comes to great high-performing vehicles, it’s really what on the inside that counts! We’ve got just what you need for carrying out lengthy examinations, repairs and upgrade to internal vehicle systems. This can be strenuous work at the best of times. When working with engines, changes tyres and other extensive work, you need lifting devices with a stable hold and that give you ample room to work. With our range of transmission jacks, you can change tyres in an instant whether you’re in the garage or on the roadside! Choose from a variety of sizes and capacities up to an impressive 1000kg. Despite they’re ample strength, our lifting jacks are compact and easy to pack away, helping you make the most of your garage-space or van. Speaking of heavy business – when lifting and moving heavy metal loads such as car parts and machinery, our range of lifting magnets are a safe and convenient solution. Check out our 2000kg lifting magnet, for example! This compact device runs entirely without electricity and is resistant to demagnetization. Finally in our range of garage tools, our heavy duty engine stand with a maximum capacity of 900kg. For the most flexible use, your engine stand can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into the desired position. Don’t forget the Expondo range goes beyond cars and engines. We’ve got an award-winning range of catering equipment as well as industrial supplies for labs, factories and schools.