Hot stapler

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The key of effectively repairing damage to rigid or flexible plastics is precise temperature regulation to create a secure and lasting staple hold. The hot stapler from the repairs and mechanics experts at MSW is the ideal multipurpose repair gun for working with fenders, framework, brackets and casings of cars and other machinery. Safe and easy to use, this handheld device can even be operated by home-users. Read on and discover why this small and mighty device should be the next addition to your toolbox.

Carry out seamless repairs with a hot stapler from MSW

• High powered (100W) • Digital display for a precise and intuitive operation • Safety: Overheating protection • Precise temperature regulation • Suitable on hard and flexible plastics • Reaches up to 620 degrees Celsius

The MSW hot stapler from our full range of professional tools is suitable across a range of industries from motor services, machinery repairs, factory upkeep and even home DIY. With its impressive temperatures and precision, it enables the long-term repair of fractures, cracks, and tears in a wide range of plastic materials. The handheld hot stapler effectively secures metal staples into plastic materials by melting it at the ideal temperature. Once the plastic has cool, the separated pieces will undergo a durable elastic fusion, reinforced by the staple within. By effecting seamless and long-term repairs, this compact hot stapler could save you and your customers on potential replacement and long wait-times. Any subsequent marking on the plastic can be quickly smoothed out using a sander and polisher from the MSW range, and recoated with fresh paint or lacquer. Good as new! The small but effective devices are powered by 100W and reach impressive temperatures of up to 620C – in that environment, it’s important that you can trust on the quality of the manufacturer. As with all our effective power tools, safety comes first. The MSW hot stapler is built with sturdy materials and fitted with overheating protection, to provide safety throughout use. The high powered hot stapler is also easy and intuitive to use, with its digital and touch panel, allowing you precise control and monitoring of temperature settings throughout use. The MSW is lightweight, weighing only 6kg, making it easy to transport and minimising strain during use. At Expondo, we want to kit you out to use your equipment from day-one. Use your device with a wide range of staples, beginning with 400 staples included in your starter kit.

Garage doors and more

• Wide range of equipment for garages and factories • High-powered lift tables • Transmission jacks for garages and roadside repairs • Safe and sturdy welders • Wide range of sectional doors • Protect from theft and damage

When it comes to vehicle repairs, we know that fenders are just the tip of the iceberg. In our range of garage equipment, you’ll find a choice of lifts and power tools that are ideal for motor repairs executed by professionals or carried at home. In our wide range of lifting equipment, you’ll find high-powered lift tables with capacities of up to 450kg – that’s the equivalent of a full-sized motorcycle. Our range of engine stands is ideal for car, trucks, and agricultural equipment, and our transmission jacks to provide ample space and security for repairs in the garage or on the road. In our full range of welders, you’ll find a selection of welding choices such as MIG/MAG, ARC, TIG, and combined welders. Whatever the task at hand, our welders are built to professional standards by MSW, to protect you and your staff throughout use. Remember, we also stock a range of welding accessories and safety equipment such as reinforced safety gloves and quality visors to protect your eyes and improve vision. Finally, our range of sectional doors will provide security for your vehicles, stock and equipment, whatever your business. Our range of garage doors are designed to protect against theft and environmental hazards such as heat, water, and wind, as well as helping to minimise noise pollution. And they’re not just built for the motor industry! Our sectional doors are ideal for storing industrial equipment for factories and labs, and as well as being ideal for warehouses to protect retail stock, deliveries, catering equipment and more.