Paint Thickness Gauge

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If you’re working in the automotive industry, trading, selling, repairing or remodelling, it’s vital to be able to determine the quality and lifespan of a vehicle’s exterior, whether that’s for aesthetic or performance reasons. Luckily, the automotive experts at Steinberg Systems have produced a convenient and accurate range of paint thickness gauges to measure a variety of coatings and materials. Combing several flexible measurement options delivered on a high quality LCD screens, you’ll see why this is a great addition to your garage or car dealership equipment.

Fast and reliable measurements with a Steinberg Systems paint thickness gauge

• Ideal for vehicles and other engineering tasks • Highly accurate: ±1% - ±2.5% • Holds up to 2,000 readings • Compact • Software and batteries included • LCD screen

The Steinberg Systems paint thickness gauge is the perfect companion if you’re working in engineering, metal or automotive industry. The compact, handheld devices can be used on a variety of metallic materials such as steel or iron. They can also be used on non-magnetic materials such as aluminium, copper or directly on to layers of paint or varnish. Steinberg Systems are known for creating accurate and long-lasting professional tools. The Expondo range of paint thickness gauges offers high measuring accuracy of from ±1% to ±2.5% and a wide measuring range of up to 5,000μm, so even the thickest coatings can be read. The Steinberg System paint thickness gauge is not only compact and lightweight, it’s also easy to read with a high quality LCD screen. To process your results, the paint thickness gauge features a mini-USB port for data transfer. Each paint thickness gauge is delivered with the correct software for you to download and process your data, so you can get started right away. Each paint thickness gauge is also delivered with a AAA battery included. Each paint thickness gauge offers a different storage capacity, to suit your needs. With our most high-capacity paint thickness gauge, you can store up to 2,000 readings at a time. Choose between three measurement types on your paint thickness gauge: magnetic, Eddy current, and auto-mode. The paint thickness gauge is fitted with a practical V-Groove, so it can easily be used to measure rounded surfaces such as axles, hinges and fenders. Finally, as with everything from our catering range to our industrial equipment, the paint thickness gauge is crafted with quality, durable materials giving you years of return on investment.

MSW has you covered

• More for your garage • Heavy lifting equipment • Transmission jacks • 500kg capacity • Infrared paint dryers • Pipe belt sanders

As well as the experts at Steinberg Systems, you’ll know by now that we’re also big fans of the MSW Motors range. Ideal for professional mechanics and home garages, take a look at the full range today featuring everything from heavy duty lifting equipment to brake caliper tools. In the MSW range of lifting equipment, we’ve got safe and convenient transmission jacks, the ideal low-maintenance device to help you raise heavy items such as gearboxes and engines to an optimal height. Our most low-cost transmission jack low is incredibly sturdy and has a lifting capacity of up to 500kg. For those of you designing, remodelling or customizing cars and other vehicles, take a look at our infrared paint dryers, helping you to speed up the drying time on your paint jobs while minimising bumps and streaks. These infrared paint dryers are also useful for decorators, carpenters and home DIYers! For working with curved vehicle parts such as fenders, take a look at our most popular pipe belt sander. With a speed range of up to 3,000 rpm, this pipe belt sander is specially designed for grinding and polishing of round material with a maximum diameter of 180 m giving you a smooth, scratch-free finish every time. Our garage range doesn’t end there. If you’re carrying out some home car repairs or investing in a new range for your automotive business, check out the full range today!