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Model: MSW-CA-123

Valve Spring Compressor Tool - 35 - 200 mm

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  • Universal – suitable for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Flexible – span adjustable from 35 - 200 mm
  • Robust – solid, professional construction ensures durability and comfort when working
  • Versatile – two valve pressure pieces with 17 mm and 21 mm for valve springs of different sizes
  • Handy – ergonomic construction for a quick work


Use the spring with the valve spring tensioner from MSW

The MSW-CA-123 valve spring compressor from MSW is the perfect helper to easily remove and assemble valve springs. With the automotive tool, you can remove the valve springs without having to remove the entire cylinder head. It is ideally suited for use on multi-valve gasoline engines and diesel engines. Add this automotive tool to your craft supplies today!

Universal application – spring press with an improved design

The valve spring tensioner is specially designed for the assembly and disassembly of valve springs. With the device, valve springs and valve stem oil seals can be replaced with the cylinder head in next to no time. The simple and intuitive operation enables quick and precise work.

The span of the valve spring tensioner ranges from 35 to 200 mm. The device can be set flexibly and conveniently, depending on the application. The vehicle tool is suitable for use on multi-valve petrol engines and diesel engines with deep-seated valves. The projection of the valve spring tensioner is 165 mm. The adapter on the valve spring compressor is two-stage. The inner step diameter is 17 mm, the outer step diameter 21 mm. 

Thanks to the ergonomic handles, the tool lies firmly in the hand and prevents slipping when working on the engine. The improved design allows for better working In addition, it has cup-shaped and spherical tips. The solidly built valve spring compressor has a comfortable weight and is made of high-quality Carbon steel, which is particularly durable.