Car Creepers

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If you’re tired of working on your back and messing up your shop clothes when you’re under your car, you just need to grab a comfortable car creeper for your garage. Rolling underneath the frame and having access to everything with the glide of a car creeper will leaving you wondering how you got anything done under there before! And when you’re buying a quality MSW product, you know you’ll be able to use this for as long as you’ve got a garage. So, treat yourself and your back muscles, as well as your clothes, and start thinking about what else could make your life easier in the garage.

Get a car creeper for your garage and wonder how you ever did without one

- For craftsman and DIY enthusiasts alike. - Think about the wear and tear you put on your body in the garage. - Extremely comfortable materials used throughout. - Can be used for both sitting and laying.

How many hours have you spent under your car trying to swap parts out or make repairs? It’s probably a lot more than you think. If you’re starting to get joints and muscles that are screaming at you after working under your car, you need to consider getting a car creeper. When you shop at Expondo, we’ve got you covered in the garage with our impressive selection of workshop equipment. These great car creepers are made with a sturdy 4-beam frame and have multiple cross beams to ensure a high level of stability. The surface is covered in a very comfortable padded support cushion and even has a padded head cushion for extra comfort. All six wheels on these car creepers rotate 360 degrees and you’ll glide smoothly and silently. We also have a less expensive car creeper if you’re trying to save some costs in the garage. And if comfort is the name of the game, then you might want to consider adding our most comfortable workshop stool into the mix, as well. So, if you’ve already got our popular lifting magnet for doing those engine assemblies or repairs, you’ll want to be as comfortable while being mobile on a super soft car creeper. It’ll make all the work that much more enjoyable!

Give your joints and muscles a break!

- Thick padding that will stay comfortable for a long time. - Materials are oil resistant. - Padding is fully washable for those spills in the shop. - Professional grade equipment for anyone with a garage.

If you’ve found us through our industrial equipment and know the kind of quality you can come to expect from us or you just like the great selection of pro tools we have in stock; our products are built tough and built to last. When you’re working under your car, using a car creeper can mean the difference between getting the job done in a day, or pushing it off until tomorrow because your back hurts. You don’t need to worry about the materials being used on these car creepers because they’re oil resistant and easily washable. And we know what it’s like to be using all our power tools all day long and the strain that can put on a human body. Maybe you spend the winter months huddled around our industrial electric heaters wishing you were just a bit more comfortable in the shop. Well you can start with a solidly constructed and extremely comfortable car creeper to set you down the path of comfort in the workplace. So, what are you waiting for? Start treating your joints and muscles like they need to be treated!