Professional pans

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Professional pans

There’s nothing quite like the taste and drama of whipping up fresh ingredients in a pan. From paellas, fried breakfasts, to risotto and other one-pan-wonders, these high quality, agile cooking devices will open up a whole range of dishes in your kitchen. Our range of commercial pans from the cooking experts are built to last and to withstand the high temperatures needed to time your dishes to perfection. Read more about their unique qualities below.

Cook up a storm with our professional quality commercial pans

• Perfect for all hobs

• Fry a wide range of dishes

• Cook large quantities at once

• Cast iron

• Easy to wash and reuse

• Various sizes

• Oven safe

Cast iron frying pan - professional cookware

Our new range of cast iron commercial pans are a great way to invest in your kitchen and add that extra flare to your menu. Available in a wide range of sizes, they are the ideal additional to your kitchen utensils, whether you’re a head-chef, a caterer on the go, or even a dedicated home cook. Serve the masses with our high quality range. Our commercial pans are particularly useful for cooking large batches of food in one go, helping you to cut down on multi-tasking and extra work. The cast iron cookware encourages excellent, even heat distribution, and can withstand high temperature without the risk of sticking or burning on cooking surface. With our amazing double-compartment pan, you can even cook two separate dishes at once. No more worries about joggling separate pans! For extra mobility, you can even invest in an extra handle to attach to your commercial pan.

Professional pans not only for chefs!

If you are a domestic chef, the professional pans will be matching your needs as well! The cast iron commercial pans not only withstand long term use, they’re also easy to scrub clean without losing their high quality finish and durability. Don’t waste your money on cheap pans that lose their non-stick surface after one month of use – these are not only a nuisance to work with but can also lead to film particles ending up in your guests’ food. That’s not a health hazard you want in your kitchen. Insure safe and healthy cooking every time with a high quality commercial pan from our range of cooking supplies! These non stick formula will be perfect for many dishes, for exemple pancakes! Discover how to make pancakes on our blog and enjoy delicious dessert!

More ways to fry and dine - frying pans

Don’t go anywhere! As well as commercial pans, we’ve got plenty more great gadgets, devices, and furniture in our great of commercial cooking equipment. For delis, restaurants' chefs, and lovers of Italian food, take a look at our quick and easy-to-use commercial pasta makers. Made with scratch resistant lacquer, these elegant machine are the ultimate accessory for making fresh pasta in all its beautiful forms – well, at least twelve of them! For cafes, delis, and pizza restaurants, our convenient pizza cooling tables give you a great combination of storage, display, refrigeration, and counter space. Use the worktop to chop, prep, knead, and plate, while keeping all of your fresh ingredients at hand. For cooking several batches at once (when commercial pans won’t do the job!), our best-selling double electric grill can be used for eggs, burgers, fish, veggies, grill-cheeses, and pancakes. Whether you’re operating a busy hotel breakfast buffet or a 24hr diner, you’ll have all the cooking space you’ll need! Don’t forget, the Expondo range gets to work outside the kitchen too! Get your hands busy with our range of professional tools for pros and home-DIYers alike! And for labs, schools, and factories, our range of industrial equipment has you covered! We’ve got the right tools for you!