Cutlery Trays

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You say the word ‘cutlery’, you hear the word ‘clutter’! Apart from the skills and the know-how to produce delicious dishes, organisation is the key to a well-run kitchen. When it comes to keeping your essentials at-hand, executing great time management and maintaining the highest health and safety standards, you can’t underestimate the importance of intuitive storage solutions, even with something as commonplace as cutlery. Our robust cutlery trays can help to keep your catering equipment out of the line of fire, while you cook.

Don’t overlook the small stuff

When it comes to keeping your kitchen or serving area professional and organised, it’s easy to let small imperfections snowball into a big mess, and an even bigger clean-up job. Stray napkins, strewn knives and forks, scattered sugar packets; these are the little details that can take the professional shine away from your workspace. For self service areas in coffee shops, B&B’s and hotel buffets, cutlery trays are also ideal for sugar packets, napkins and stirrers. And to keep your office kitchen from getting overcrowded, cutlery trays are ideal to cut down on clutter. Our range of cutlery trays are designed with durable chrome nickel steel, giving them an elegant finish and making them resistant to dents, scratches and rust. With an easy-to-clean exterior and stackable design, they are the ideal space-saving tool when it comes to both storage and hygiene. Their lightweight material also makes our cutlery trays easy to transport; perfect for caterers moving from one venue to the next. Our four cylinder cutlery cylinder is ideal for compact kitchens and cafés. And our biggest cutlery holder with six cylinders is perfect for a wider selection of utensils. You could even combine two cutlery trays to separate clean utensils from used ones, in shared kitchen spaces. We also stock the robust polypropylene cutlery tray from Bartscher, which is ideal for cutlery as well as larger utensils and napkins, and can be installed neatly into drawers or displayed openly for easy access.

Making your workspace work for you

Whether you’re investing in kitchen essentials for your restaurant, industrial equipment for trade industries, or even the latest craft supplies for your workshop, we believe that every investment should make your workspace take you further as a professional. That’s why we only select durable, long-lasting products in the Expondo range. Our cutlery trays are designed with hardened plastic and chrome nickel steel, to stand the test of time and give you years of return on investment. In our full range of stainless steel furniture you’ll find plenty more reasons to choose long-lasting materials when investing in your workspace. Our selection of stainless steel storage solutions features various sizes of floating shelves to make the most of your wall space and keep your surfaces clear. And our range of stainless steel serving-trolleys are an elegant and efficient way to keep your service staff looking professional and operating at full (stress-free) capacity. Our stainless steel tables are ideal for withstanding heavy loads when chopping and preparing foods in kitchens and butcher-shops. Their smooth, reinforced surface makes them extremely resistant to scratches and corrosion, and easy to keep clean. Our full range of hygiene supplies also features some great stainless steel solutions, from soap dispensers to hands-free wash basins. Return on investment is the bottom line at Expondo, so whether you’re considering new cutlery trays or a whole new range of cooking gadgets, remember that robust materials, like stainless steel and chrome nickel steel, are the best choice when it comes to storage, safety and strength.