Table Can Opener

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Even with the highest quality ingredients, the best-run kitchens in the world couldn’t operate without the help of a few ingenious kitchen gadgets to save you time and space. A table can opener is the ideal space-saving kitchen tool to help you to quickly and safely open cans of food while minimising clutter. With a range of models to suit kitchens big and small, you’ll see why it’s a great addition to your catering equipment.

It’s like clockwork!

A table can opener is at home in a whole range of kitchens, from large canteens and restaurants, to snack bars, food trucks and even private homes. We know that no matter how big the guest-list is, every chef is looking for the right tools to significantly increase efficiency, and get each dish out on the table in record time. Our table can openers come in a range of sizes. Our cheapest table can opener from top manufacturer Royal Catering is suitable for cans up to 35cm in height. And our table can opener for cans up to 45cm for larger stocks of ingredients – this model would certainly be at home in any busy pizzeria, where dozens of authentic Italian passata are required every day.

The table can opener can save you time, and allows you to focus your attention on the quality of every dish, (in this case, the perfect pizza slice!). Like all of our culinary and craft supplies, the table can opener is designed using sturdy and easy-to-clean materials, with its cast iron frame and pole, gearwheel and knife made from stainless steel. With each model sold and delivered with a table mount and screws as standard, installing your table can opener to any flat work surface is easy. With its compact design, it will be right at home even in the smallest of kitchens. And with a maximum weight of 5kg, transporting the device is easy, especially important if you’re cooking on-the-go, at market stalls or food trucks.

A table can opener is the convenient way to open cans on any solid horizontal flat structure

When it comes to our kitchen and industrial devices, safety and ease-of-use are always a priority. With its guarded blade, the table can opener reduces the risks of using sharp objects in a busy kitchen. Thanks to its pneumatic springs, adjusting the height of your table can opener is easy, and its user-friendly swivel arm means you can open cans safely and at your own pace. Best of all, the table can opener helps you to stay organised when the busy hours hit - no more rushing around looking for the can opener with a dozen orders to prepare! In our full range of kitchen appliances, you’ll find tonnes of other solutions to minimise stress and maximise efficiency in your cooking space.

Our professional blenders are a great example of sleek, space-saving design with the ability to save you countless minutes of manual chopping and mixing. All of our vegetable choppers/fruit cutters range save you precious time and once again, reduce the hazards of operating sharp knives in a busy, confined space. Always prioritising the chef as well as the customer, our full range of stainless steel furniture, from storage solutions to waste disposal, is all crafted with durable and easy-to-clean materials, so whether you’re serving breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can rely on your equipment to help you produce quality meals and maintain professional health and safety standards. With handy kitchen helpers, such as the table can opener you can insure that your kitchen is run with a combination of creativity, passion and efficiency.