Dough Mixer

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Is there anything quite as intoxicating as the warming scent of freshly baked bread and pastries? One thing that sets professional chefs ahead of the competition is preparing their own freshly baked goods. Whether baking is your pièce de résistance or you simply want to an extra homemade flair to your repertoire, our dough mixer range from the baking experts at Royal Catering will take the time and energy out of preparing handmade dough in a hygienic manner.

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You don’t have to specialise in baking to add a little homemade love and care to your baked goods. In fact, if you’re kitchen team is new to baking from scratch, then a professional dough mixer might be the best way to introduce your staff to new techniques and open up your menu to a world of baked goods. Ideal for breads, pastries, pizza-bases, and pies, our dough mixer range is not only ideal for pastry chefs and pizzerias, but for all manner of professional kitchens and even home use. At Expondo, our dough mixer range comes in a selection of sizes, depending on your kitchens needs. For smaller volumes of dough, our compact 20 litre dough mixer is ideal. And for high volumes of dough, for instance in bakeries and pizzerias, our biggest dough mixer (50 litres in volume) offers great results. Efficiently powered with 750 Watts and 230 V, these compact dough kneading machines pack quite a punch when preparing batches of homemade dough, and are especially suitable for working with firm and heavy doughs for pizza or bread. With containers and mixing attachments made from durable stainless steel, each element is built to resist dents and corrosion, and to stand the test of time. With their removable fixtures and smooth finish, they are easy to clean and help you to uphold the highest safety standards in the kitchen.

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From our craft supplies and industrial equipment, to culinary-wear, we always choose gadgets and furniture that make your workspace more efficient. A professional dough mixer not only takes valuable time out of preparing homemade goods, but also saves you on the space taken up by rolling and kneading your dough by hand. With its compact size and four non-slip, vibration-absorbing rubber stands, we ensure a stable and safe hold to your countertop while you work. Baking usually starts with kneading and rolling, but how you achieve that perfect rise and finish is up to you. Like many bakers, you might stick to the ageless tradition of oven-baking. However, for specialist dishes such as pizzas and doughnuts, you need a specialised cooking counterpart! For fast food restaurants and pizzerias, our pizza ovens are available in single-tiered and double-tiered models, depending on your kitchen’s needs. Their authentic stone flooring and temperature capacity of up to 350 degrees C, our pizza ovens help you to achieve that distinctive taste and aroma of original Italian flavour. For whipping up delicious batches of doughnuts and churros, our range of convenient deep fat fryers are ideal for executing that perfect balance of fluffy texture and a crisp golden coating, as well dishing out other worldwide favourite such as chips, chicken wings and onion rings. In our range of snack bar equipment, you’ll find plenty more dedicated cooking solutions for whipping up fast food favourites, such as our convenient hot dog grills and catering toasters. Whether you’re looking for one specialised device or plan to upgrade your entire kitchen, our selection has you covered. Invest in the perfect workspace for your catering supplies, by choosing from our full range of stainless steel furniture.