Vegetable choppers

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Gone are the days of your average restaurant offering up one healthy veggie option on an entire menu. These days, fruit and veg have never been in higher demand. With new exciting options popping up on farmers markets and exotic food stores, a wave of vegetarian and vegan subscribers, and entire families trying to keep fit and cut down on excess fat and carbohydrates. It’s no wonder that kitchens have to keep up with the demand. Whether you’re serving up smoothies, bar snacks or entire three-course meals, add vegetable choppers to your catering equipment, to keep up with the speedy orders and add a healthy balance to every meal.

Prepare fresh fruit and vegetables for every occasion with quality vegetable choppers

From fresh salads and burger toppings to fruit-filled crepes and the perfectly sliced potato chips, with our vegetable choppers, you can save precious time and labour in the kitchen. Our vegetable choppers from Royal Catering and Bartscher are also convenient and safe to use in private kitchens, for passionate home chefs. When it comes to street food and market stalls, freshness is the true taste test. Quickly chopping your vegetables in front of your customers not only assures them of your fresh ingredients but also adds the element of spectacle that market-lovers adore. With quality vegetable choppers you ‘wow’ each customer, without keeping them waiting in line. Even the modern cocktail connoisseur is well equipped with a vegetable chopper to hand for lemons and garnishes.

Whatever your speciality, vegetable choppers are great for saving you time and space in the kitchen. Like everything listed in our kitchen appliances, our vegetable choppers are designed with hygiene and safety in mind. The guarded stainless steel blades are long-lasting, easy to clean and safer to use than manual knives. They are made with lightweight materials, making them easy and safe to transport, and, fitted with non-slip rubber feet, can be operated even in small, bustling kitchens. We always have diversity in mind when it comes to all of our culinary and industrial equipment, our vegetable choppers can be used to create a variety of shapes with endless ingredients options.

I say potato. You say mozzarella?

For larger kitchens, our electric vegetable slicer with five included blades is ideal, especially if you are a lover of culinary technology. This multifunctional solution allows you to easily switch blades for cutting different shapes and even working with soft ingredients like buffalo mozzarella. This would certainly be right at home in any bustling pizzeria! And with a diverse range of blades available from our catalogue, your electronic vegetable slicer can be easily adapted to your kitchen’s needs. For more compact kitchens, our manual choppers are an intuitive solution. Our manual cutter for salad features a specialised blade to rapidly prepare even shafts of fresh vegetables, and our hand-operated fruit cutters will produce cleanly quartered apples and pears in seconds.

For fast food restaurants and food trucks, serving up sizzling burgers is easy with our selection of onion and tomato slicers for creating delicious burger toppings. We couldn’t talk about vegetable choppers and not mention the world’s most popular side dish: potato chips! Depending on how your customers like them, a potato peeler will almost certainly come in handy! And our curly fries cutter is ideal for creating even swirls of golden chips (and can even be used with other fruits and vegetables too!). Whether you’re tossing salads or grilling burgers, take a look at our full range of snack bar equipment and our craft supplies for more efficient workspace solutions. Whatever your speciality, we’ve got a range of manual and electronic vegetable choppers that can save you time and manpower, and allow you to multitask more effectively in the kitchen.