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Model: S-WMW-ER70S-6 0.8X1KG

Welding Wire - steel - ER70S-6 - 0.8 mm - 1 kg

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  • Optimal – solid wire suitable for MIG/MAG welding equipment for gas-shielded welding
  • Effective – achieves excellent welding results when welding steel with inert gases such as carbon dioxide or a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide.
  • Custom fit – for wire feeder with 0.8 mm
  • High-yield – 1 kg welding rod for continuous welding
  • Compatible – welding rod comes on a wire spool with a diameter of 10 cm and an inner diameter of 1.6 cm


The optimum welding wire for your MIG/MAG welder

Do you want to weld steel with your MIG/MAG welder? Then use the welding wire made of steel with an increased silicon-manganese content of the Stamos Welding Group! With the high-quality solid wire you achieve optimum results with unalloyed as well as low-alloy steels. This makes it universally applicable in a wide variety of areas.

With the soldering wire for steel you achieve the best results

The soldering wire for steel has a diameter of 0.8 mm. Make sure it matches your wire feed in the MIG/MAG welder. For steel, use an inert gas such as carbon dioxide or an argon-carbon dioxide mixture as the shielding gas. Due to its balanced chemical composition with an increased manganese and silicon content, you achieve optimum welds with a high tensile strength. In addition, it is suitable as a filler material for unalloyed to low-alloy steels.

The wire electrode is supplied on a spool with a diameter of 10 cm. Thanks to the included amount of 1 kg, you weld extremely effectively even during longer welding jobs. It is ideally suited for MIG/MAG welding work in the construction industry, tank construction, shipbuilding or for various repair work.