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Model: S-WMW-ER70S-4 0.8-5.0KG

Welding Wire- steel - ER70S-4 - 0.8 mm - 5 kg

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  • Optimal – suitable for MIG/MAG welding equipment for gas-shielded welding
  • Effective – achieves excellent welding results when welding unalloyed steels
  • Exact fit – for wire feeder with 0.8 mm
  • High-yield – 5 kg welding wire for continuous welding
  • Robust – characterised by its durability


The optimum welding wire for your MIG/MAG welder

Want to weld unalloyed steels with your MIG/MAG welder? Then use the welding rod made of a high-quality steel alloy from Stamos Welding Group! With the solid wire you can achieve optimum results with structural steels and other unalloyed steels.

With the steel welding wire you achieve the best results

The soldering wire for unalloyed steels has a diameter of 0.8 mm. Make sure it matches your wire feed in the MIG/MAG welder. As shielding gas, use active mixed gases of the M2, M3 group with a high argon content or C1 for unalloyed steels. Due to its balanced chemical composition of C, Si and Mn, you achieve optimum welds with a high tensile strength. At the same time, the solid wire is impressive with a high arc stability and a low spatter formation, so that you achieve high-quality weld seams.

Thanks to the offered quantity of 5 kg, you weld extremely effectively even during longer welding jobs. The welding wire is optimally suited for MIG/MAG welding work on construction sites, in shipbuilding or on pressure vessels made of unalloyed steel or fine-grained carbon-manganese steels.