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Welding Cart - Flat - 3 Compartments - 75 kg

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Item: EX10020171


Model: SWG-WC-1

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Key features
  • More tidiness and space with three drawers and a large shelf
  • Large wheels for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Storage space for a gas tank with a bracket and a chain fastening
  • High capacity of up to 75 kg
  • Ideal addition for welding equipment
  • High durability, black coated steel construction
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last year Posted on Amazon France

Allows you to put everything on a trolley on wheels...

I prefer the bottle to be attached than to see it risk falling...

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3 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany


The equipment cart fully corresponds to the description and is great for what I bought it for (not for a welding machine but for a cabonatter)

3 years ago Posted on Amazon France

Good welding cart, a little small.

Does its job Rather solid, consistent drilling, quite well done. I made some modifications, for example, I lowered the central radius by 5cms and modified the hardware hooking tabs. Dimensions slightly too small, deserves 5 CMS more long and 5cms widerBut overall I'm not disappointed, even pleasantly surprised when unpacking. It's a good product

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last year Posted on Amazon Italy

Easy to assemble

Easy to assemble, meticulous packaging, trolley that is perfect for hobby or semi-professional use

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last year Posted on Amazon Germany

Very stable and 👍

Simply very good 👍!!!

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4 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Solid cart - misused as a grill station

We bought the car for our Beefer. The car is very stable and is (almost) easy to assemble. A few drill holes didn't quite fit, but with gentle force the screws went through the holes. What's actually missing from the car is a parking brake, at least on one wheel. Otherwise everything is ok. It's also a shame that you can't get involved in the price, as it varies from time to time by up to 30 EUR. That means you can wait and strike.

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3 years ago Posted on Amazon France

ok for the price and for semi-pro use

It seems solid enough for my semi-professional use, very careful. But certainly not in a production workshop. In addition, the upper plate is 5 cm too short for my GYS station, so it will be necessary to modify

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3 years ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Welding cart

U-profile on the side should be rounded. Risk of injury... at least one rotary wheel should be lockable, otherwise the car will roll away on sloping terrain. The bracket should be angled more upwards, otherwise the car would take up a lot of space which would not be necessary. If you change that, the car will be great...

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3 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Quality just OK - P/L overpriced!

Friends of the arc, I didn't buy the car through Amazon, but it was originally the same car from the same manufacturer/provider. First of all, I looked long and hard for a welding car. I bought a TIG/MMA inverter and didn't want the compressed gas bottle to be left unsecured somewhere. So I scoured the whole internet and took a closer look at what was reasonably stable and also affordable. Ultimately the choice was this one. I didn't have too high expectations anyway, but the model seemed to be the most stable and looked as good as the pictures showed. Here's my experience with the vehicle! Shipping was relatively quick and it was also neatly packaged. When I unpacked it, I noticed that this was not a high-end product. The assembly is rather difficult for a layperson, but doable. The instructions show the rough structure, but it doesn't say which screw goes where. As an experienced craftsman with the right tools, you can do this without instructions, but you should bring your own assembly time. The accuracy of fit is more like a school grade 4 - occasionally a hammer is necessary, as the dimensional accuracy is +/- 5mm limited. When the "cart" stood there, I just thought what a puny and pathetic vehicle! But once it's assembled, it's relatively stable and it should actually carry the advertised 75 kg. When filling it with the device and all the accessories, it was a problem But I quickly realized that the advertised “generous storage space” wasn’t actually there. Especially since my TIG device had its gas connection at the bottom right back, so I had to flex a piece of the metal sheet so that the connection could be plugged in. It's not pure "Chinese junk", but it's only slightly better. The sheet metal is thin, but as described it is stable when assembled, the wheels are probably designed for low loads, as they are very difficult to move when fully loaded and the car is very difficult to control using the push handle, which is slightly below waist height leaves. The two side hooks for holding the cables are extremely short and are already overwhelmed by the power cable. In addition, there are the sheet metal edges of the side cheeks directly in the access area of the hook, which will definitely dismantle the casing of the cables sooner or later. So it's more for "cosmetics". The gas bottle storage space and attachment of the bottle are very simple. “Of course” the chain cannot be placed tightly around the bottle and therefore has some play and although it cannot fall over, it can still swing back and forth. The opposite side is a semi-circular sheet metal which sharp edges will certainly rub against the bottle as it can move. I put a rubberized edge protector over it and also secured the bottle with a rubber band, so it stands firmly and no longer wobbles! I installed a 10l agon bottle and my TIG device on top. The trolley is not very wide and if I accidentally bump into it with my "very best" the trolley will definitely fall over due to the high tipping point, including the device and gas bottle! Conclusion: All in all, I think the welding trolley is ok! If I now set up a small e-inverter and want to accommodate a welding umbrella, slag hammer, wire brush and a pair of gloves "for the occasional sizzling" it's ok, but it's a welding cart with a gas bottle, i.e. TIG; MIG/MAG etc. and it is definitely too small for that. For a price of around €100 and the TIG welding car award, I expected a little more, at least in terms of size. €50 would be appropriate, everything else is purely a manufacturer bonus. It's always a mystery to me how well-known companies order cheap cheap goods from the Far East and then sell them under their name with huge markups as "branded goods". The bottom line is that I will keep it "a little modified" because there is no alternative, a bad aftertaste remains the price, but whatever. In the long term, I will probably design my own welding cart that is well thought out and appropriate, because I now have a brand new welding machine ;))))VGChris

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2 years ago Posted on ManoMano France

Easy to assemble and handle. One downside however, the amounts were probably deformed due to an impact. The product would benefit from being better packaged

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