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Model: MSW-DA-18

Spot Welding Gun - 66 pcs.

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  • Powerful – powerful spot welding gun for dents on motor vehicle bodies
  • Effective – for removing dents and bumps 
  • Extensive – numerous accessories such as slide hammers, pulling hooks, or dent stars for different deformations on the car body
  • Cost-effective – simple, mobile and directly applicable with dent spotter (not included in delivery)
  • High-quality – individual parts made of materials such as Plastic (PA), copper, steel, zinc


The spot welding gun for dents with plenty of accessories

Nobody wants dents in their car, but if it's already there, the MSW-DA-18 spot welding gun from MSW together with your dent spotter (not included in delivery) has a fast remedy. Even more complicated car body damage on the chassis can be easily removed, as the dent tool kit comes fully equipped with many helpful accessories. It is indispensable in any car repair shop or paint shop for straightening out bumps and dents.

Effectively remove dents from car with the dent spotter

The operation of a dent spotter is based on spot welding. With the spot welding gun, discs or corrugated wire are welded precisely onto the curvature of the sheet metal. With a dent hammer or another pulling tool, the damaged area can then be pulled into shape. Since you can work directly on the body without dismantling it beforehand, this method is extremely effective because it can be used directly.

With its different attachments, you can weld dent stars, round welding eyes or wave wire with the appropriate functions and then pull out the dent with a sliding hammer, dent claw or hook. Due to the different tools in the dent tool kit, you are extremely flexible when repairing bodies and can achieve the best results. The ergonomically shaped spot welding gun lies well in the hand, for maximum comfort while working.

All individual parts of the set are made of high-quality materials that meet the requirements for spot welding, but also withstand the tensile strength for straightening dents and bumps. The spot welding gun also has three additional tension switches.


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