Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
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Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic

Manufacturer: Stamos Basic | item number: EX10020007 | Model: S-PLASMA 50 / PRZECINARKA CUT 50

Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic
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Product highlights

  • Cutting current: 10 - 50 A
  • Duty cycle: 60 %
  • Cutting depth: 15 mm
  • LED display
  • 230 V

The maximum cutting current of 50 amperes is available at a duty cycle of 60 percent, while 38,7 amperes are possible at 100 percent. With these performance data, cutting depths of up to 15 millimetres can be achieved. These values make the S-Plasma 50 the star of its product category. The cutting width of just one millimetre means there is hardly any material lost. This device can cut all low- and high-alloy steels as well as the non-ferrous metals copper, aluminium, titanium and many other metallic materials.

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An easy-to-read LED display on the front of the housing enables you to monitor the performance values at all times. The controls are reduced to the essentials for ensuring high work progress and uncomplicated operation. To achieve optimal results, the cutting current can be continuously adjusted between 10 and 50 A. To regulate the compressed air, a pressure reducer with pressure gauge is included as well as the necessary supply line to the compressor.

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The cutting torch is designed for comfortable operation and comes with a removable guide carriage for particularly precise work. A high-quality Softgrip coating ensures a secure grip. The plasma hose is 5 metres long. Together with the 4 metre long compressed air hose and the grounding cable, which is also 4 metres long, this ensures a generous radius of action.

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The powerful, integrated air cooling ensures permanently high performance and effectively prevents the base unit from overheating. To ensure that the high-quality technology is not damaged even in robust applications, such as the dismantling of a heating system, the components are housed in a resilient housing made of coated sheet steel.

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  • Powerful—with 50 amperes cutting current
  • Effective—excellent performance at 60 percent duty cycle
  • Easy to read—clear, modern LED display
  • Handy—torch with guide carriage and PT-31 Softgrip coating
  • High-performance—air-cooled for optimal operation
  • Robust and durable—thanks to coated sheet steel housing

Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic

The S-Plasma 50 from Stamos cuts all types of metals with a cutting current of up to 50 A. The reliable technology makes this plasma cutter the ideal assistant for repairs, renovations and all other metalwork. The compact design makes it easy to transport and enables you to work efficiently in confined spaces. The plasma cutter is just as useful in the garage and the workshop at home as in industry. Operation with air plasma makes its use simple and cost-effective.

Input voltage
230 V, 1 phase
Input frequency
50/60 Hz
Rated input current
28,7 A
Max. input current
37,2 A
Rated input power
6,2 kVA
Max. input power
8 kVA
Load-free voltage
244 V
Cutting current
10 - 50 A
Duty cycle
60 %
Cutting current at 100% duty cycle
38,7 A
Cutting current at 60% duty cycle
50 A
Max. cutting depth
15 mm
cutting width
1 mm
Air volume
175 L/min
Air pressure
5 - 6 bar
Cutting torch (Ø connection)
PT-31 (16 mm)
Length, torch supply line
5 m
Length, grounding cable
3 m
Length, power cable
2 m
Cooling, power unit
Power factor
Efficiency at rated output
≥ 85
Insulation class
Protection class
Dimensions (LxWxH)
16,5 x 37 x 28 cm
9,91 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
51,3 x 28,2 x 39 cm
Shipping weight
12,46 kg
Technical drawing
Delivery Package
  • Plasma cutter S-PLASMA 50
  • Cutting torch with cable assembly, 5 m
  • Grounding cable, 3 m
  • Air hose
  • Pressure regulator
  • Pressure gauge
  • 2 ceramic nozzles
  • 2 ceramic rings
  • 2 electrodes
  • 2 cutting nozzles
  • Instruction manual

The welder is equipped with a MOSFET transistor. This technology represents the highest standards of performance combined with compact and lightweight design. The result is 93% efficiency! The welding current is very stable and thus ensures a perfect weld.

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Powerful fans ensure an optimal removal of heat from the unit.


For plasma cutting, a gas is required with which the molten metal is blown away from the work surface. Compressed air is a common solution for this. For this purpose, the plasma cutter has a compressor connection.

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On the back of every welding machine is a screw with an earthing mark. Before use, earth the unit via a cross-section cable, which must be at least 6 mm².






This device works with a 1-phase connection (230 V +/- 10 %).




Start the weld by placing pressure on the torch button. Stop the process by releasing the button.


The plasma arc melts the metal and the kinetic energy of the compressed air blows the metal aside.




Shows the welding / cutting parameters.


The LED light indicates overheating or a malfunction.


Shows the value of compressed air the compressor delivers to the plasma cutter. The plasma cutter has a pressure reducing valve which regulates the air pressure.

The diverse assortment of products from Stamos enable you to cut or join materials efficiently and precisely. Our portfolio ranges from professional soldering stations to top-class welding machines and precise plasma cutters, to the matching accessories. Let us demonstrate to you the functionality, quality and versatility – not to mention the cost-effectiveness – of our professional line. Our videos show our products in action.

What's the maximum thickness of a material the plasma cutter can cut through?

The maximum thickness is 15 mm.

Is the plasma cutter easy to transport?

Yes, thanks to its compact size and relatively light weight of approx. 10 kg, the device can be carried without too much effort.

How does the device inform me when it's threatening to overheat?

A diode lights up as soon as the maximum duty cycle is exceeded and the device heats up too much as a result. The light will also warn you if the plasma cutter generates too much heat due to malfunction. In both cases, the operation should be interrupted.

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Reviews from Steinar Vigdel Kolnes (20 Mar 2022)
Reviews from Steinar Vigdel Kolnes (20 Mar 2022) Very good plasmacutter

This plasmacutter, is the first one I have ever tried. But I am positively surprised.
Extreamly happy with the product.

Reviews from Alu Mini Um (25 Apr 2021)
Reviews from Alu Mini Um (25 Apr 2021) Plasmaskärare - 50 A - Basic

Jo, man tittade på flera och fastnade för den här efter att ha läst omdömet lämnat av "ka" 25 feb 2021. Kan säga att jag är helt nöjd med denna och gillar kontakt-tändningen. Behöver inget mer avancerat för mina projekt. Har kört 4 och 5 mm stål mest, men även 10 mm på 40 ampere vilket gick över förväntan. Som sagt, ett tack till recensenten "ka".

Reviews from ka (25 Feb 2021)
Reviews from ka (25 Feb 2021) Plasma cutter 50-a

Jag är mer än nöjd denna plasma fungerar helt perfekt mydket lätt att använda. Har en Stamos 85 med pilotlåga o allt men den här mindre har nu helt klart blivit min favorit, Vad kan 85 an göra som inte denne lilla 50A med kontakttändgning göra? Svar inget. Att det blev just denna beror på designee den är snygg o framför allt inte plåtlåda. ;-))

Reviews from Amazon Customer (13 Aug 2014)
Reviews from Amazon Customer (13 Aug 2014) Plasmaschneider CUT 50

Ich benutze diesen Plasmaschneider schon seit einem Jahr und bin mit ihm zufrieden ,er ist zwar nicht das beste Gerät, aber was erwartet man für diesen Preis.Preis-Leistung ist ok !

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This product
  • Cutting current: 10 - 50 A
  • Duty cycle: 60 %
  • Cutting depth: 15 mm
  • LED display
  • 230 V

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic

Plasma Cutter - 50 A - 230 V - Basic

Instead of: 429.00€   319.00€  

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 4-7 workdays

  • Cutting current: 10 - 50 A
  • Duty cycle: 60 %
  • Cutting depth: 15 mm
  • LED display
  • 230 V