Sous-vide Cookers

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Boiling, frying, baking, grilling, roasting, and barbequing - the list goes on! An effectively run kitchen must have a wide array of cooking skills in its artillery to keep the orders flowing and the customers happy. Sous-vide cooking is the classic technique of gently cooking vacuum sealed food at moderate temperatures over long periods of time, to lock in flavour, create unique texture, and save you time and space in the kitchen. With a professional sous-vide cooker from the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher, you’re just a few steps away from mastering this classic technique!

A modern sous-vide cooker combines classic technique with cutting edge technology

A commercial sous-vide cooker is extremely useful in a wide range of kitchens and catering facilities. For restaurants, cafes, and even home kitchens, you can make the most of your quieter hours in the kitchen to prepare and portion batches of dishes, and save time and stress when the busy run hits. This is especially useful for large catering operations such as hotels, cafeterias, party caterers, and even transport caterers (on hotels and planes) where smart preparation is of utmost importance. Preparing and portioning each dish in advance not only helps you during cooking time, but is also great if you’re transporting dishes from the kitchen to an event location. Busy home-chefs will benefit from the ingenious slow-working sous-vide cooker. Simply set your temperature in the morning, carry on with your busy day, and come home to a delicious, perfectly home-cooked meal! In our sous-vide cooker range, we’ve got three ingenious devices for you to choose from. Our expert sous-vide cooker is ideal for professionals and home-users alike. Powered by 800 watts, this energy-efficient 8L vacuum cooker allows you to gently cook temperatures anywhere in between 0 and 90 °C, with outstanding precision of 0,1. Like all over our sous-vide cookers, water loss during cooking is not a concern as the automatic temperature control system keeps your water at a constant level. In the case that there is not enough, your sous-vide cooker is fitted with an alarm signal to alert you. For added safety and ease of use, your temperature and cooking time (up to 90 hours) is clearly displayed on the digital control unit. Finally, with its non-slip base, your compact sous vide cooker can even be operated with stability on crowded, slippery surfaces often found in a busy kitchen.

Gently does it!

Our largest sous vide cooker is designed by the culinary pros at Bartscher. With a capacity of 14L, this sous vide cooker is ideal for busy restaurants and large catering operations. Each sous-vide cooker in our range is designed using high quality stainless steel, our favourite when it comes to kitchenware, professional tools, and hardwearing industrial supplies. For even more space-saving results in your kitchen, our high-powered immersion circulator adds the effects of a full-sized sous vide cooker to any large kitchen pot. Use the convenient attachment to mount the circulator and simmer water between 5 and 22 litres in capacity. To prepare your ingredients before sous-vide cooking a convenient food vacuum packing machine from our full range of kitchen solutions is the answer. Simply prepare your ingredients as desired –chopping, dressing, marinating – and place them into an individual vacuum packing bag (sold separately). The ingenious machine gently sucks out excess air from the bag, to your chosen level of tightness, before sealing it securely. Your ingredients are now ready to be cooked, or indeed stored, frozen, or displayed as desired. So you see, sous-vide cooking is only step one of the countless advantages to vacuum seal technology. For more ideas on upgrading your kitchen, don’t forget to check out our full range of butchers equipment, cooking gadgets, and stainless-steel furniture.