Commercial Rice Cooker

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Rice is one of the most versatile and popular staples found in traditional cuisines across the globe: Fragrant Spanish paella, hot Thai curries, rich Italian risottos and lavishly topped enchiladas – the list goes on! Our range of commercial rice cooker models from culinary experts like Royal Catering and Bartscher are a cost-effective, time-saving and reliable way to serve up to 60 portions of this delicious and versatile food-group.

The global side-dish for curries, stir-fries and more!

When it comes to executing the great flavour, give yourself and your staff a running-start by investing in a commercial rice cooker that will take care of the basics en masse! Our commercial rice cooker range is ideal for a wide range of professional kitchens and even home-use. Save yourself precious cooking space in compact kitchens and market stalls. Allowing you to prepare up to sixty portions at a time, a commercial rice cooker is a caterer’s best friend. Not only are these convenient cookers helping you fight the clock, they are neatly designed with lightweight, sturdy materials, making them easy to pack away and transport after service. Our best value rice cooker is the RCRK-10A. Prepare up to 10 litres of uncooked rice: That’s the equivalent of 23 litres of cooked rice, and enough to serve up to 50 guests. Portioning is made easy using the convenient scales, and with 2,950W of power, the machine reaches cooking temperature rapidly. But don’t worry – the specially designed anti-stick interior ensures your rice will be perfectly cooked without burning or sticking. Switch easily between cooking and warming settings to keep your cooked rice at serving temperature, and maximise both taste and food safety. The Bartscher 12L Rice Cooker is our premium commercial rice cooker, with the capacity to prepare up to 60 portions of rice. Cooking with rice is already a hugely versatile technique. But with a commercial rice cooker in your range of cooking gadgets, you can do so much more. As well as preparing rice, the appliance is suitable for steaming vegetables, fish and pulses, or even boiling eggs, making it the ultimate affordable multi-purpose cooker.

Prepare dozens of beloved dishes with a commercial rice cooker.

At Expondo, we’re proud to host a quality selection of affordable and versatile gadgets for your kitchen that save you time and energy, and help you to uphold the highest hygiene and safety standards. Whether you operate a bustling café, a renowned five-star kitchen or a food truck on the go, we’ve got quality catering equipment that will make your kitchen go further. As well as our versatile commercial rice cooker options, we have a wide range of commercial pasta cookers to suit kitchens large and small. These ingenious bain marie devices equip you to cook up to six batches of delicious fresh pasta, allowing you to be extremely efficient and exact when it comes to juggling several dishes at once. Much like rice, even with a superbly cooked sauce, an overcooked pasta portion can ruin a great dish in a matter of seconds – literally! These hardwearing gadgets are just some of the robust and efficient cooking devices found in our range of stainless steel furniture. Also found in our bain marie range, we’ve got several models of chaffing dishes, ideal for buffets and carveries for keeping dishes hot and fresh throughout service. For heating and organising several hot dishes, we’ve also got a range of models that house up to six separate GN containers as well as our hot pot and soup dishes, ideal for caterers and winter market stalls. Wherever you cook, keep an eye on updates to our versatile cooking range. And for all your other business needs, don’t forget we are proud suppliers of quality industrial equipment and affordable craft supplies.