Sous-Vide Cooker Set - Incl. Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Rollers - 8 L

item number: EX18000267 / Model: RCSV-SET1

Sous-Vide Cooker Set - Incl. Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Rollers - 8 L

  • item number: EX18000267
  • Model: RCSV-SET1
  • In the product range since: 2018

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Sous-Vide Cooker Set - Incl. Vacuum Sealer and Vacuum Rollers - 8 L

Do you wish to be able to cook vacuum-packed goods softly and gently? Then, choose the Sous-Vide-Cooker Set RCSV-SET1 from Royal Catering's catering supplies today! It consists of a sous-vide cooker, a vacuum sealer and four matching vacuum rolls. The complete set is therefore ideally suited for professional use in hotels, restaurants or catering providers, but also for cooking and vacuum sealing at home.


During the sous-vide process, meat, fish and vegetables are packed and sealed airtight in special vacuum bags with the aid of a vacuum sealer. The food is then gently cooked over a period of several hours in a water bath with the help of a low temperature cooker, so that the vitamins and aromas remain. Such gentle cooking normally takes between one and seven hours - sometimes even up to 48 hours. The temperature for meat should be about 55 to 60 °C. For vegetables, a slightly higher cooking temperature is recommended.

Carefully prepared and healthy, nutritious meals


The energy-efficient vacuum cooker can quickly reach the desired temperature with its powerful 800 Watt heating element. This can be set to within a range of 0 - 90 °C, with an outstanding precision of 0.1 degrees. The built-in digital thermostat guarantees a constant temperature during the cooking process. Thanks to the wide range of settings, the cooker can thus be used for preparing a wide variety of foodstuffs.


When it comes to the commercial use in restaurants, bistros or bars, the 8 liter slow cooker is ideal. Not only can it prepare large quantities of food, but it can do so with outstanding precision and efficiency. Also, the highly customisable settings on the LED display allow you to effectively organise your time and satisfy all of your clients. Not only the temperature, but also the timer can be adjusted to suit your needs, for even up to 99 hours. If during this time the water level gets too low, the device anounces you with an acoustic signal. As soon as the cooking time has elapsed, the appliance switches off automatically.


The housing and the removable dividing insert of the Sous-Vide cooker are both made of easy-to-clean and durable stainless steel. The cooker is also equipped with two practical plastic handles for easy transport and it has rubber feet to ensure a firm stand without scratching the work surface. Furthermore, the comfortable and heat resistant opening handle ensures that the appliance can be safely opened, even when the device is highly heated.

Included vacuum sealer for airtight, safe welding


The supplied vacuum sealer offers many possibilities: Airtight sealing prevents decay processes (such as oxidation or fungus formation). The food remains fresh for longer, retains its flavour and can even be stored frozen for months or prepared gently with sous vide cooking. Even other products such as cosmetics, medicine or electronic parts can also be stored in a space-saving manner and stay safely protected from dust and dirt.


The housing of the vacuum cleaner is made of stainless steel and ABS-coated, so that the unit meets the highest hygienic standards. The closing mechanism ensures that the bag is not damaged and that the air cannot leak. When the vacuum process is finished, the bag opening is sealed airtightly with a 3 mm wide seam.


For this vacuum sealer, the vacuum bag width can be up to 28 centimetres, while the length is freely selectable. It is operated via a digital touchpad with LED display, which enables precise and repeatable results.

The vacuum sealer offers a wide range of functions with which you can safely pack your goods:

  • With the vacuum function, vacuuming and sealing the goods is carried out automatically in a single operation;
  • the Cancel function stops the vacuum process if necessary;
  • with the pulse function, the settings are adjusted manually so that the pressure and the duration of the vacuum can be set individually;
  • lastly, the seal function is used if the packaging film only needs to be sealed.

Four bag rolls for the best results in vacuum packaging


The vacuum bag rolls are all 105 μm thick and remarkably durable and tear-resistant. Thanks to a specially designed microstructure, the bag material is especially easy to vacuum seal. With a size of 600 x 20 centimetres, these rollers can be easily used with the supplied vacuum sealer.


Additionally, the constant quality control under which the PA/PE foil is manufactured ensures that these vacuum bags are perfectly suitable for contact with any kind of food. It is free of BPA, phthalates and contains no lead. Another advantage of these bags is their convenient design for repeated use: once used, simply clean it up and it's ready to be used again. Also, in case you do not need the whole content at once, just remove the required quantity and vacuum seal it once more.


  • complete set for gentle sous-vide cooking vacuum sealed food
  • vacuum sealer ready for immediate use thanks to 4 supplied vacuum rollers
  • universal application of the vacuum accessories for food, cosmetics, electronics and other products
  • vacuum sealer for use with vacuum bags up to 28 cm width
  • easy to use - intuitive displays on the cooker and on the vacuum sealer
  • durable and safe due to the use of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and ABS

Key Facts

Item number
Material Sous-Vide-Cooker
Stainless steel
Material vacuum sealer
Stainless steel, ABS
Material vacuum bags
Voltage / Frequency
230 V /50 Hz
Power Sous-Vide-Cooker
800 W
Vacuum sealer power
175 W
Temperature range Sous-Vide-Cooker
0 - 90 °C / adjustable in steps of 0,1 °C
Max. Tank capacity Sous-Vide-Cooker
10 L
Max. Working capacity Sous-Vide-Cooker
8 l
Timer Sous-Vide-Cooking
0 - 99 hours / minute adjustable
Vacuum pressure
0,6 to 0,8 bar
Vacuuming speed
16 l/min
Maximum bag width
28 cm
Weld seam width
3 mm
Functions vacuum sealer
Vacuum bag thickness
105 μm
Number of vacuum rollers
Dimensions of vacuum rollers
600 x 20 cm
Type of vacuum bag
Microstructure, diamond air channel design
Power cable length
1,2 m
Dimensions (LxWxH):
27 x 38 x 22,5 cm
4 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
47 x 32 x 30 cm
Shipping weight
4,8 kg
  • Sous Vide Cooker RCSV-01
  • Insert partition
  • Power cable
  • Vacuum sealer RCVG-28E
  • 4 vacuum rolls (600 x 20 cm, 105 μm)
  • Operating instructions

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