Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
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Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | item number: EX10010922 | Model: RCKT-136/70-6

Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors
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Product highlights

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  • Volume: 379 Litres
  • Granite counter
  • 306 W compressor
  • 3 cooling compartments
  • Environ. friendly coolant R290

This type of device is often called a pizza cooling table, since the large worktop and the 1/6 GN containers are ideal for you to quickly and efficiently store your rolled-out dough with its variety of different ingredients. With this cooling table you can firstly keep your meals refrigerated and then efficiently prepare them on the counter. Even when preparing other types of meals, this cooling table does not disappoint, offering you a way to rationally and productively get the job done.

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The counter is made of granite – a material that guarantees the highest resistance and longest service life like no other. Amongst others, granite impresses with its hygienic properties. Additionally, it is also a safe surface for hot items such as frying pans, as it will not get burnt.

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The easy to read digital display allows you to easily monitor the device temperature. With the digital Thermostat, you can control the temperature. The device enables you to adjust the desired temperature between 2 and 10 °C. This broad temperature range can be conveniently adjusted to suit anything from beer, to cider, cheese or desserts.

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No more place for further food and drinks?! No problem, as this device has three cooling chambers. This makes it possible to preserve and separate even fresh products and sauces, glazes and side dishes. The three big grates help you store your food in a practical, organised way. The stainless steel doors fitted with a rubber seal close and seal the cooling chambers.

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The efficient 306 Watt compressor ensures that the desired temperature is quickly reached and maintained. The modern Secop compressor is very energy efficient and reliable. Not to mention, it produces less noise than conventional compressors.

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 The coolant used is the environmentally-friendly R290. It has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0 and a global warming potential (GWP) of 3. This coolant has excellent thermodynamic properties that lead to a higher energy efficiency.

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The pizza cooling table RCKT-136/70-6 is made of high-quality stainless steel, which not only impresses with its high sturdiness, but it also guarantees a long service life and keeps corrosion and mechanical damage at bay. The material is easy to clean, thereby offering perfect prerequisites for hygienic work with food. The fridge is equipped with tougher, height-adjustable feet which provide high stability and safety at work.

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Due to its construction, you can place the cooling table at a distance of 5 cm from a wall. The main technical components are built-in under the cooling compartments and are ventilated through the front openings, which are in the stainless steel sheet of the casing. Under the front side there are also the operating elements: an illuminated on/off switch and a keypad with LED display for adjusting and controlling each function. An automatic defrosting at a distance of 6 hours each time ensure a maintenance-free operation. The defrosting can also be started manually, should you need to.

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  • Volume of 379 Litres: enough place for large amounts of food
  • Coolant R290: high energy efficiency, environmentally friendly
  • Precise, digital Thermostat – optimal temperature range between 2 ~ 10 °C
  • Modern Secop compressor: energy-efficient and reliable
  • 3 cooling compartments for storing different foodstuffs

Pizza Cooling Table - 379 L - Granite Counter - 3 Doors

With the RCKT-136/70-6 pizza cooling table, Royal Catering is offering you an extraordinary cooling device to complete your catering supplies! With its volume of 379 litres you can store large quantities of food. This cooling table combines storing your food in a total of eight GN 1/6 containers (not included) with a practical working surface. The containers are protected against impurities both at the front and from above, thanks to the attachment. Whether in hotels, restaurants, bistros or catering events, this cooling table can seamlessly integrate itself.

Item number
Material, casing
Stainless steel
Material, doors
Stainless steel
Material, interior
Stainless steel
379 l
Voltage / Frequency
230 V / 50 Hz
Energy class
306 W
Rated current
2,5 A
Power consumption
3,8 kWh / 24h
AEC (Power consumption)
2012 kWh / Year
Noise level
42 dB
Protection class
Cooling agent
Temperature range
2 ~ 10 ° C
Type of door
Swing door
Number of shelves
Shelf size
56 x 32,5 cm
Number of cooling compartments
Power cable length
1,55 m
Place for GN containers
Height-adjustable feet
Dimensions (LxWxH)
136,5 x 70 x 107 cm
130 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
140 x 74 x 122 cm
Shipping weight
147 kg
Delivery Package
  • Pizza Cooling Table RCKT-136/70-6
  • 3 shelves
  • Operating instructions

How high is the maximum capacity?

The worktop fridge has a volume of 379 Litres.

How high is the noise level?

This device is conveniently quiet, amounting to around 42 dB.

What could you tell me about the coolant R290?

The coolant R290, also named propane, is a highly inflammatory hydrocarbon. In comparison with coolant R22, R290 has a low pressure ration, lower compression temperatures, a higher specific refrigerating capacity and it is also environmentally friendly.

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