Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs

Manufacturer: MSW | item number: EX10060672 | Model: PROPULLATOR 13500-B

Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
Electric Winch - 6.136 kg - 13.500 lbs
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Product highlights

  • Traction: 6.136 kg / 13.500 lbs
  • DC inverse speed motor (Series Wound)
  • Rope length: 28 m
  • Rope diameter: 9,5 mm
  • Drum size: Ø 64 mm

The off-road specialist


The electric winch helps to recover vehicles from rough terrain in no time. The 6 hp engine and the 28 m steel cable are big helpers. The winch has a traction of 6.136 kg/13.500 lbs. The winch can be mounted onto quads, ATVs, trailers or SUVs, or be used in the home or in the woods.

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The 4.500 Watt engine is a DC inverse speed motor (Series Wound) and therefore much more efficient than an induction engine. Another feature of the winch engine is the intermittent duty cycle: the engine operates on an interval basis. The maximum temperature is not reached due to the breaks and the engine is protected from overheating.

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The pulling force of the winch results from the three-stage planetary gear with a transmission ratio of 265:1. In addition to the flow and return, the transmission also has a manual clutch for a quick unwinding of the rope. An automatic brake safely interrupts the pulling process or the power supply and stops the load.

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The sturdy and non-twisting rope is made of galvanized steel and is particularly resistant to wear. The rope has a diameter of 9,5 mm. The loads are fastened to the rope and then transported at a lifting speed of 6,8 m/ min (idling). This high speed is guaranteed by the powerful motor and drum size of the winch.

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A galvinised steel mounting hook with a safety locking is included in the delivery and can be attached at the end of the target device. What is more, a four-way reel opening that reduces friction and protects the rope from wear is also included in the delivery. The guiding pulley guarantees a proper operation thanks to the multi-direction-rollers.

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The off-road winch can be conveniently controlled with a remote control. A wired remote control is included in delivery, having a long wire and comfortable handle, for an easy and comfortable use.

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Due to its heavy-duty construction and robust galvanized steel casing, the winch is durable and lightweight. With it light weight and compact size, the winch can be easily used with small quads and other vehicles. Of course, the winch is weather-resistant and dirt-resistant.

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  • Traction of up to 6.136 kg / 13.500 lbs
  • Three-stage planetary gear with a transmission ratio of 265:1
  • Incl. wired remote control with a long wire for attachment for the car driver
  • Quick lifting speed of 6,8 m/min
  • 28 m steel rope

Electric Winch - 6,136 kg - 13,500 lbs

The electric winch PROPULLATOR 13500-B by MSW is a handy electric off-road winch best suited for rough terrains. With a maximum traction of 6,136 kg/13.500 lbs, it is designed to lift heavy loads. The 6 PS hp engine, three-stage planetary gearbox, 28 m steel cable and the additional pulley make the device versatile in terms of its application. It is the perfect equipment for pulling vehicles on uneven terrain or other off-road operations. Complement your craft supplies with the professional winch from MSW!

Item number
Material, casing
Material, rope
Engine power
6 PS / 4,500 W
Engine voltage
12 V
Engine type
DC inverse speed motor (Series Wound)
Duty cycles
Three-stage planetary gear
Transmission ratio
6,136 kg / 13,500 lbs
Lifting speed (idle)
6,8 m/min
Length, steel rope
28 m
Diameter, steel rope
9,5 mm
Roller windows
Four-way reel opening
Diameter, drum size
64 mm
Shifting ring
Remote controls
1 x wired remote control
Dimensions (LxWxH)
54 x 15 x 23 cm
30,15 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
60,5 x 34,5 x 25 cm
Shipping weight
38 kg
Technical drawing
Delivery Package
  • Electric winch PROPULLATOR 13500-B
  • Control box with cables
  • Wired remote control
  • Four-way reel opening
  • Hook
  • Mounting equipment
  • Instruction manual

Högeffektiv tack vare den kraftfulla motorn med effekt på 6 hk


Dragkraft är upp till 6136 kg (13500 lbs)


Perfekt för fordon, släpvagnar, båtar, timmertransport etc.

28 meter långa rotationsfri stålvajer

Praktisk fjärrkontroll med en extra lång kabel

Testad av Roman Wasik från Expert Driving Academy - utbildnings- och träningscenter för förare.

4 rullar hindrar stålvajern från skavning

Hög hastighet upp till 6,8 m/min (utan belastning)


Effektkontroll tack vare reduktionsfaktor 265:1


Du kan styra den tryggt ock bekvämt inne i fordonet


Det viktigaste är att montera vinschen korrekt. Detta ökar arbetssäkerheten och effektiviteten.

Vid användning av vinschen använder jag alltid handskar, jag skyddar även stålvajern med en speciell dämpare.

2 lägen

2 lägen: man kan välja det optimala sättet att rulla upp stålvajern


Automatiska bromsar, överhettning- och överbelastningsskydd


Höljet är motståndskraftigt mot regn, snö, smuts


Enkel användning

Review by Roman Wasik, expondo expert (31.01.2019)


The cable winches from MSW stand out above all for their solid workmanship. There is an obvious difference between these products and those of other brands from Chinese manufacturers. Combined with their attractive price and broad selection of models for different uses, these are really something special on the market. These cable winches are great not only for private use, but also in the energy sector or the military. I could see MSW winches being used for field driving training in these sectors, among other things. This type of training is a real test of strength and endurance for these kinds of products, but I'm positive that the MSW winches would not disappoint!

Owner of Expert Driving Academy

Are there other off-road rope winches on expondo?

Yes. You can find the other electric rope winches under the category Craft supplies - Rope winches.

Can I also use the winch for other applications or only for retrieving cars?

You may of course also use the winch when felling trees and working in the woods. It is important to observe the correct safety measures and not to exceed the maximum pulling power.

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Reviews from Gunnar (8 May 2021) Bra vinch till bra pris

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