Lever Block

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If you’re running a construction site, warehouse or workshop, you know that lifting and moving heavy materials requires more than just a few strong arms – for both the efficiency of your operations and the safety of your workers, it is essential to invest in high-quality, reliable lifting solutions. Along with rolling trolleys and the right types of winches, a lever block helps you to deal with heavy, bulky and cumbersome loads without needing cables, wires or engines.

Lever blocks help you lighten the load

A lever block allows you to raise a load vertically using the mechanical action of pulling the lever; no electricity or petrol required. It’s a fail-safe way to lift heavy goods and materials such as bricks, loaded palettes, or sacks of gravel, and can be combined with swivelling armatures, cranes, and other industrial moving equipment to get that weighty item where you need it to be. If you’re moving building materials around a building site, loading cargo onto a vehicle, or stacking materials in a storage facility, you cannot be without professional-quality industrial tools for lifting, provided by trustworthy manufacturers such as our main lifting solutions manufacturer Steinberg Systems. With their high lifting capacity, our lever blocks can deal with extremely heavy items, with different maximum limits depending on your requirements ranging up to a massive 6000kg!

And even lifting the heftiest items is easy and safe for you and your colleagues; with just a pull on the ergonomically rubberised handle, the weight is raised, using expert engineering to multiply the force of the lever to lift the weight – entirely without additional power! That means you can use your lever block and the attached winch whenever and wherever you need it – outdoors, in open spaces or anywhere else where you don’t have ready access to an electrical supply. Combined with a lifting magnet or a secure heavy-duty hook, it’s the simplest way to take care of your lifting needs. And because the lever block takes on most of the work of lifting, the people operating the device stay safe and do not risk injury. Trusted by builders, workshop managers, mechanics and many other industry experts, these lifting solutions form a key part of any tool set for craftsmen and manual labourers.

Many different products for many different situations

Moving sacks of concrete, lifting vehicles, loading white goods or kitchen appliances – the list of different applications for a quality lifting rig is endless. In order to lift the heaviest and most challenging loads, a good lifting rig should be tough and able to withstand extremes, which is why our lever blocks are made of extremely sturdy materials such as quality steel. The added brake allows you to stop the lifting process at any time, in case safety is compromised or you need to halt operations for an emergency. We know that every job is different, which is why our catalogue features varied models with a wide range of maximum capacities and lift heights, to fit every need and every budget.

Our starter lever block is great for small loads under 750kg, while our premium lever block lifts up to 6 tons with a maximum height of 5 metres – but the range also includes many different options and add-ons, while some models are even sold with a bag for storage and transport of the equipment. Just like all our industrial supplies, they can be combined with other items in our catalogue to round out your set of equipment as per requirements; many people use a lifting rig from Expondo with a set of floor scales to both lift and weigh heavy items, while others come to our lifting solutions catalogue having been impressed by our range of power tools. Whatever you need it for, a lever block by Steinberg Systems is one you can count on.