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Model: LISS 24X8G N2O

Cream Charger - 24 pieces

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  • Airy – for an extra portion of cream on cake or coffee
  • Abundant – storage pack of 24 pcs. of 8 g each for enjoying cream
  • Food-safe – airy cream with N2O without side effects 
  • Compatible – for the Liss cream whipper and similar models
  • Stable – steel capsule withstands high loads


The best of all the cream capsules

I’ll have whipped cream with that, please! With the cream chargers from Liss and a corresponding cream whipper, this request can be fulfilled in no time at all. With no effort at all, and with the creamy, frothy flourish that gives every cake the finishing touch, the pressure dispenser puts the cream on the plate.

The practical cream chargers made of steel

The cream chargers are made of steel that easily withstands the pressure required to whip the cream. The cream cartridges are filled with 8 g N2O, which is not only food-safe, but also completely tasteless. The whipped cream retains its own creamy taste, which will win over every cake lover. In addition, the steel is corrosion-resistant and can be recycled after consumption.

In one pack there are 24 N2O cartridges, for large quantities of whipped cream. The whipped cream dispenser cartridges are suitable for Liss models as well as comparable models from other manufacturers and can therefore be used universally. They can be easily replaced by screwing on the cream dispenser head and are very easy to handle.