Vapo Grill

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Finding the perfect grill can be a struggle. Getting something for the kitchen is fine for indoor cooking, but a patio grill can’t be used year-round. Enter the vapo grill. These versatile grills will be right at home inside or outside! They’re going to be great for commercial use at the beach bar but would be a great appliance to have at home when entertaining guests all year-round. The best part? These vapo grills are made from high-quality materials just like all of our products made by Bartscher.

Grab a vapo grill for indoor or outdoor use.

- Perfect for outdoor facilities and patio bars. - Great addition to any BBQ enthusiast’s kitchen. - Wonderful outdoor cooking experiences guaranteed! - Suitable for a wide range of dishes.

Imagine the envy of all your neighbors and friends alike when they come over during those hot summer months to see you flip on the vapo grill and pull out some cold beverages from your conveniently placed small drinks fridge. Or the thrill of your kids when they walk through the front door and smell the vegetables and meats frying on your kitchen vapo grill. Instant success! And don’t forget about a waffle maker, one of our bestsellers, to really make the little ones happy. These grills are great for commercial use at the bar or even to add to your hotel equipment list. but will also be a high-quality item to bring with you on an extended camping trip or cabin retreat. They don’t just look great, they’re also extremely fun and easy to use. With a special pan that collects all the juices and liquids from your ingredients, these vapo grills ensure everything stays clean and the cleanup will be minimal. No one likes having to worry about cleaning the grill after being stuffed full of BBQ goodness in the summer sun! Just like all of our stainless-steel furniture, cleaning will be a breeze. And these vapo grills will be able to cook whatever it is you throw on them before you worry about keeping them clean. From ribs and shanks to skewers and vegetable dishes; these are some seriously versatile grills. You can even find a kebab machine to add to the mix! Since they’re robust and built to last, you won’t have to worry about firing them up over and over again.

The perfect fit for caterers and novices alike!

- Great for pleasing both vegetarians and meat-eaters. - Can stand up to outdoor weather for events. - Made for repeated and frequent use. - Cook up an authentic BBQ experience!

A lot of professionals find us through our catering equipment and find things they didn’t even know they were looking for, like a quality vapo grill. And these grills will be a great addition to their setup. But, just like you don’t need to be a contractor familiar with our extensive industrial equipment offerings just to purchase and use our great professional tools, you don’t need to be a chef to fire up our vapo grills. There’s no better time to get a new hobby and dive into the art of BBQ and see the smiles on your family and friends faces when you bring a strong grill game to the table. Having the right equipment is half the battle and you’ll want something that you’ll be able to use frequently and repeatedly, because they’re sure to keep coming back for more! So, instead of trying to figure out if you want a new grill in the kitchen or something for the patio, just go with a vapo grill and know that the versatility of being able to move it inside during the winter months and outside for the summer is exactly what you’ve been looking for!