Gastronorm Containers

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Gastronorm containers

High quality storage, display, and heating solutions go a long way in helping your kitchen run smoothly, especially when your equipment can do all three. Our gastronorm container range from the kitchen experts at Royal Catering is suitable across a wide range of dishes and are compatible with a wide range of our kitchen furniture. Built with high quality stainless steel, these light weight, heard-wearing containers offer years of return on investment for your business, whether you’re operating a compact street-food kiosk or a sprawling hotel buffet.

Great storage is the new norm!

• Choice of refrigerating units

• Lightweight food warmers for easy transport

• Perfect for serving hot drinks in winter

• Add a finishing touch with our cup and plate warmers

• Wide range of sizes and capacity to suit your kitchen and service

Catering gastronorm pans

With a wide choice of capacities to choose from, our range of insulating gastronorm container is specially designed for professional catering, and can be easily fitted in restaurants, cafeterias and hotel buffets, as well as street food stalls and snack bars. Even home chefs can get great use from a gastronorm container to keep your kitchen organised. A gastronorm container is the ideal combination of storage, display, and temperature control, allowing you to store fresh food over a prolonged period of time, to keep hot dishes warm in a bain-marie, or to cool salads, fruits, and more in a refrigerated cabinet. If you're wondering how to create catering recipes to ensure repeatability of yours dishes, read our article! Better still, each stainless steel gastronorm container in our range is suitable with a wide choice of our very own lids, bain marie, shelves, displays, and refrigerator units from the Expondo range.

Gastronorm containers for catering to heat your dishes

Built with sturdy materials such as chrome-plated steel and stainless steel, each gastronorm container is easy to clean, quick to install, and easy to transport if you’re catering on the go! Just check out our full range of stainless steel furniture to see why it’s our top choice of material in kitchens supplies and beyond. With matching lids also available in the Expondo store, keeping food insulated is not a problem. Not only is each smooth-surfaced gastromorn container, easy to wash by hand but they are also dishwasher safe.

Gastronorm containers with lids - high quality catering supplies

• Suitable for both private and commercial purposes

• Keeps food hot, fresh, and clearly displayed

• Particularly useful for hot buffets, conferences, hotels, restaurants

• An elegant way to serve food

• Sturdy, easy to clean material

• Suitable with a wide range of stainless steel furniture

Gastronorm pan for your needs

In our full range of catering equipment, you’ll find plenty more examples of versatile storage, heating, and display solutions, not to mention a great selection of gadgets for food prep and cooking. Temperature control can never be underestimated in any professional kitchen. To keep fresh ingredients cool and protect against bacteria, we have a wide range of commercial refrigerator and freezing units, which can also be used with your gastronorm container. And for hot food displays for everything from stews and sauces to meats and vegetables, look no further than our wide range of chafing dishes for events and buffets. Our range of heating solutions doesn’t stop there. For serving up stews, soups, stocks, and even mulled wine, our stainless-steel soup kettles are perfect, especially for street-food stands in the winter months. In our versatile range of food warmers, we also stock many sizes of bain marie with optional display glass for delis, cafes, and pizzerias. We’ve also got your covered when it comes to hot drinks with our hot chocolate dispensers, coffee makers, and more in our full range of commercial food warmers. There’s nothing worse than serving up a hot dish that’s gone cold. That’s why we also offer a range of plate warmers and cup warmers to fight temperature loss at every moment of your food service. Remember, at Expondo, we don’t just specialise in excellent food service. Whatever your business, look for lasting, versatile furniture and tools for you and your staff in our wide range of professional tools and hardwearing industrial equipment.