Fillet Weld Grinder

If you’re a manual labourer or keen DIY-er, you know one thing to be true: working with corners can be tricky. Not only do you have to achieve accurate angles, strong joins and clean overlaps, but you also have to deal with the cramped space on the inside of the corner when you then want to grind or smooth it with a workshop tool. That’s where the fillet weld grinder comes in – but it’s not just for corners...

Grind, polish and cut with a quality fillet weld grinder

This fillet weld grinder is perfectly adapted for welding situations and other industrial manufacture or construction projects where you have a corner of 120 degrees or more where regular grinders simply can’t go. The long arm holds a tough grinding disc which removes excess material – from stainless steel to aluminium to brick. Whether you need to grind a joint down for a smooth finish, cut a piece of metal, achieve an even surface or grind away lumps and burrs, fillet weld grinders are all-purpose tools that’ll help you finish your project. Each fillet weld grinder comes with one hard-wearing grinding disc but you can easily install grinder disc refills if the disc becomes a little worn with use – meaning that this reliable piece of equipment will be a long-term investment you can count on.

Quality construction by trustworthy brand MSW Motors guarantees top-range engineering for a tool that can deal with many different materials, from hard metals to soft woods. With its high-power rotating disc and adjustable speed, this tool can cope with the toughest demands and the more delicate jobs, and everything in between. Rather than getting caught up in a tricky corner or straining for a hard-to-reach area, this tool gives you flexibility, access and control. A fillet weld grinder is a must-have for any welding workshop, construction site or factory for large-scale metal goods – and even proves its worth in an at-home toolshed. No matter whether it’s heavy-duty metalworks or a busy catering enterprise, we pride ourselves on being a valuable source of quality equipment both for commercial and private individuals.

Back to the grind

As with all products in our catalogue of power tools, this piece of equipment is engineered to withstand a great deal of punishment! The two-level reduced gear mechanics of MSW Motors’ fillet weld grinders mean that this is an appliance which can run and run; even with long bouts of grinding or cutting, it won’t lose power or performance. This is just one example of the many ways this grinder has been designed with the needs and requirements of its user in mind. Part and parcel of this is, of course, the issue of safety: thanks to the ergonomic handle and consistent speed controls (consisting of 6 different programs, each suited to a different use) you can use the fillet weld grinder with peace of mind, knowing you are safe and in control, needing little more than appropriate work gloves and other safety attire.

As part of any welding kit, workshop or industrial setting, a fillet weld grinder works fantastically with other grinding and cutting equipment such as a rotary hammer or a power polisher for stone, giving you the full arsenal you need to achieve the cuts and finishes you need, whatever the project. And if you’re looking for grinding or sanding tools with different grain options, you needn’t look far; our burnishing machines provide the other options you might need.